American States renamed: Blast the United

Seems pretty clear to be living abroad that the USA has changed from the nation I grew up in to the nation it has become.  Collectively, we have put aside and have long forgotten, or maybe never had, the marrow that connects us.  Simply, we are now the States of America, we are not United.

Pre Covid and BLM, my message would have been to rediscover what Unites us and fx the problem.  Not anymore.  Now, I don’t believe in anything as drastic as a Brexit Boris Johnson that would completely sever ties from each other, but I do believe in a shift towards less federal government control and more state.

As we have seen during the Covid crisis, all states seem to have different views on education, healthcare, prisons, travel and more.  Today, NY is getting back on track to normal while Florida and Texas are scrambling for ventilators and hospital beds.  Anyone who knows how to use Google could see that coming on the horizon.

So why not take the power out of the hands of the Federal Government?  We, the people, dont agree or are not united behind a single thread that makes us Americans.  With cryptocurrency we are barely united behind the dollar.

Certainly, we are not united behind mask use, vaccines, opening schools, abortion, education, prisons, LGBTQ, the environmet and more.  Our American States have spent the past 40 years arguing semantic points as though they have weight.

Well, the semantic argument has fractured us. We don’t love baseball.  We love a baseball team and once our team is out of the pennant run, we move onto whatever other sport is in season.  We debate science over fiction as truth.  If you are a scientist, this is just as absurd.  But at a national level, this debate exists.  It should not.  

Other nations struggle.  Other nations strike and protest.  Other nations have a populus that are united under their flag.  The American States are not.  We have long lost and seem unwilling to find the United part of our collective history.  So in my opinion, let’s un – Unite.  


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