A Bike Ride of Faith

Some people ride bikes and some people are cyclists.  Some people jog and some people are runners.  Some people eat food and some are foodies.  I think you see my point.  The list is not exhausted by any means.  I am going to take a leap and try to make the analogy fit for politics and religion.

I think most people worldwide question what happens after life.  I think throughout all of humanity people have been asking the same question and finding similar solutions from polytheism to monotheism from Zeus and Athena to Abraham, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammod.  In the end it’s either something bigger than us or just our solution to the question.  Faith and religion are pretty simple.  They are guides that direct us in the now and lead us into the after.  

So religion is pretty easy to explain and follow.  Be good to others or else.  But what about politics.  It seems to me that there is a clear dichotomy between how different sides of the Left view politics.  The Democrats  and Republicans are pretty simple.  Each member looked at the descriptions of both parties and picked the one that aligned with their value system.  Then, come voting day, it’s simple for them.  They go to the polls and vote R or D accordingly.

But there is a clear third group and they are the independent voter.  They don’t fall into the same grouping as a Democrat or Republican much like a jogger is not a runner and a bike rider is not a cyclist.  There is a foundational difference.  The independent voter is not branded by a party and has not pledged allegiance to a team like when a person decides to follow a certain faith.  I think it’s fair to say that Christians think their path to the afterlife is the best choice as do Muslims and Jews.  That’s normal thinking.

What’s not normal is applying that logic to others who don’t fit the mold and that is what I see happening regularly.  A vote for the Green party is a vote for the Green party.  It is not a vote for Trump.  Those who vote D or R experience it that way and from their view, I can see why they think that.  But for the independent it’s not the case.

Independents are the annoying customer.  We don’t walk into a bike shop and ask for a Trek or a Specialized.  We look at off brands and many times choose them.  We like the quirky and the unique and the honest sell.   Money is not a criteria in most cases that we measure things.  We look for value and workmanship and an honest product.

Buying a bike is like that.  A customer walks in and says give me the best bike in the shop.  Most R and D sales persons would sell that customer the most expensive bike in the shop.  An Independent sales person would ask first, what type of bike riding do you see yourself doing?  Tour de France, City Streets, Jumping off Buildings, Racing Downhill and would guide the customer accordingly to the perfect bike for the rider.

So if you think that voting Green or Independent or writing in Bernie or leaving it blank are not choices and therefore a vote for Trump, I respect that through your lens but don’t believe that through mine.  

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