Maga and the NotTrumpers

I have never been a binary thinker or consumer.  From day one I went left when everyone went right and on day two, when everyone went right, I went straight.  It is just how I am.  I accept that I don’t fit in all the time now.  It took until my 30s to get a groove on really who I am.  I am goofy.  I am a gearhead. I am sporty.  I am smart.  I think too much.  I am short.  I am balding.  I am fit.  I have olive skin, brown hair going grey and brown eyes.  I like dogs.  I am a vegetarian.  I love to travel.  And I hate seeing pain in others.  I am an empath that has somehow figured out how to turn it off.

I spent the better part of my day arguing on Twitter, my fault and my time suck, about how I will vote in November.  The whole exchange made me sad.  I think Donald Trump and his cronies and family like Barr, Epstein, Ivanka and Jared are some of the most vile human beings to have ever set foot on earth.  

Unfortunately, Biden is like a tube sock or a jock strap.  If you are a Democrat and you hate Trump then I can see why Biden has your vote.  But to me, he’s a wet noodle, he’s playdough.  He’s a ‘malleable to situation’ politician who has gone to say he doesn’t need my vote.  

So why are the NotTrumpers so angry at us on the left.  We were always the outliers, the outcasts.  We are not part of the party.  The worst part is you don’t seem to understand that.  We want certain policies.  We will only vote for candidates who support those policies.  There is no grey except in my hair.

If Biden wanted our Bernie’s vote, all he would have had to agree to was to implement Medicare for All.  It was that simple.  He and the party chose a different path.  

Now I get compromise but I don’t get folding and being bendable on core value issues.  I don’t think that is the sign of a healthy person whether you are the bender or the requester.  Core values or ethics mean something more to humanity in the long run than Trump being elected again or not does today.

My question then becomes this, would you want to go to a game if you knew it was rigged but still didn’t know the outcome?  I think Trumpers would.  Hence the WWE, a multibillion dollar corporation based on just that.  Wrestlers kind of wrestling in a real time cosplay ultimate fighting staged arena.  So we get that Trumpers are conditioned to buy in and accept that as part of their reality. 

But what about NotTrumpers?  How do you feel knowing that if Biden wins, the middle class will maintain the status quo.  You will go back to our Teslas, pumpkin spiced lattes and 24hr Fitnesses.  You will continue working at your job with medical and benefits and pursuing the manufactured vision of the American Dream.  And don’t forget, you will get the new iPhone when it is released.

But what about the Berners?  We are made up of POC, the marginalized, many of the sick and handicapped and those that care.  What’s Biden bringing to the table that’s going to ensure their future? Medical – no.  Education – no.  Retirement  – no.  What then?  I can clearly see why a middle classer would vote for Biden but why would a transgender POC or a gay man with HIV or a lesbian couple who want kids or a family who for generations have been part of the penal system?  What’s Biden bringing to the table that’s going to change the system enough to provide them with the tools and infrastructure that they need to survive and succeed?

You answer me this question with data and I will think about voting Biden.


One response to “Maga and the NotTrumpers”

  1. Julie Peterson Avatar
    Julie Peterson

    I like what you are saying and I agree. We leftists are so easy to understand (policy), yet the establishment and its supporters still flop around throwing hissy fits when we won’t support their terrible policies and the lack of the policy we care about. They are the blind leading the blind.


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