A Diet Light Zero Starbucks

A man walks into a Starbucks and orders a grande nonfat skinny latte.  The barista prepares the order and gives it to the man.  The man chastises and berates the clerk because it doesn’t taste like the grande nonfat skinny skinny latte he had yesterday even though the clerk prepared it exactly the same way.

The man is a person who can afford a $4 cup of coffee daily.  The barista is a 20 something with a part time job making their way through school serving $4 coffees repeatedly all day long.  And you know what, even if the latte was made wrong, the man was still in the wrong.  

The internet is littered with such incidents.  Rich and middle class berating the service class for the only purpose of being a dick.  I was taught a long time ago, don’t be a dick.  Seemed like a good path to follow. Oh yeah, it’s also been taught as the Golden Rule and the Categorical Imperative for let’s just say four humors sake, all of humanity.

Which brings me to my point.  Two in fact.  An unveil about Joe Biden and some thoughts about Black Lives Matter.  BLM is the honest, correct, good, right, non judgemental, humane, caring and righteous path.  If you are behind the movement, you are acknowledging that historically and presently blacks have not been treated fairly which is really an understatement anyway.

Blacks and their communities have not been given the same education, medical care and funding as whites or middle class and rich communities. To not understand this and accept it as a wrong doing makes your thinking off.  Yes, I get life is unfair but it should not be.  Any non dick can tell you that.  It’s what we are supposed to be working for and towards; a better life and way of life for more.

So if you are not supporting BLM, you have missed that actual thread that ties humanity together and may want to visit a seamstress which brings me to Joe Biden.  The same people that berate and chastise service industry workers are just dicks with no real foundation because if they had a strong foundation, they would grasp the fact that the goverenmt’s elected officials are service workers and they would be as fired up as the baristas at such a lackluster candidate.

Trump is an evil criminal egomaniac.  Joe Biden is a root cause for the conditions that led to Trump.  To think Biden is the solution to the problem he created is the equivalent of saying that the KKK should join BLM.  They have no right or purpose or history to prove that they would do anything but more evil.  

Joe Biden is the same evil in some ways.  His administration led to Trump. Trump didn’t just magically appear on the stage running for president. His voice has been loud and clear for 40 years about what he would do as president and as a person, he has proven time and time again that he is a sociopath of the first order.  Biden and the rest of them supported Trump’s rise to office by offering nothing more than a crap future in the forms of expensive education, unaffordable health care and a low minimum wage.

Biden will continue to nod and smile and placate but he is and always will be a non doer.  He has had 40 years to help the blacks that he seems so intune with.  It is a lie and a sham.  Biden has done nothing to help the systemic racism and American exceptionalism that those with means live proudly. 

So like Starbucks not supporting BLM, Biden needs to be fired and another candidate needs to replace him.  Joe Biden is not a cure for Trump.  Biden is simply a diet, light or zero calorie version of the same product.  Don’t let the media fool you.


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