To Protect and Serve

I don’t have a problem with authority.  I have a problem with the sense of entitlement that comes with those in authority.  That they believe that because they are in a position of power, their opinion is right.  This is false logic.

Authority and power comes from respect and understanding those that you hold power over. Period.  If it doesn’t, then you are a bully, a coward and will one day be overthrown.

The Police seem to not understand this.  Their job serves a purpose but is not essential.  They do not prevent crime especially in the form they are today.  

Today, the police hold two functions.  Protect the goods and well being of the rich and act as a community warden for the poor.  They are not part of the community, they are either highered security guards or instigating thugs.  

So there needs to be a rethink on the police.  First and foremost, they need to come from the community they serve.  They either need to be born and bred there and live within a close proximity. Commuter cops do nothing in the short or long run for the well being of the community.  They are not vested in it.

Next, most police work is post-crime in which in many cases, the victims are made to feel like criminals proving that they do more harm than good.

Deniers will say though that prisons are full of criminals.  No, prisons are filled with community members conditioned to go to prison as part of their cultural identity and it stems from third grade reading scores.

If third grade reading scores are the predictor for how many jail beds are needed in the future, then it would make sense to rework the education system too in these communities.  It is obviously not working.

Furthermore, a Universal Basic Income and Medicare for All are needed to build communities.  Petty crimes happen when people are poor because like every living creature on the planet, we are all here to survive.  And M4A is needed so that the outliers can get the help they need before they go down the path of crime.  

Peacekeepers could be implemented instead of the police force. They would be people hired, educated and trained from within the community to help nurture the community.  They would know the members and be able to help meet their specific needs like a teacher meets the needs of each kid in his or her classroom.  That should be the primary focus of the Job.

In the end, it is clear that the current system’s primary purpose of the police in poor neighborhoods is to fill prison beds.  They no longer are the pillars of the community there to protect and serve the people.  They are only there to protect and serve the best interests of the greedy, the racists and the classists.


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