A Rainy Day Forgotten

Throughout my life I have been called many different things from annoying to sportive to strict to silly to naive.  I own them all.  I can be each one and more on any given occasion.  However, naive and trusting in truth are different.  I want to explore that train of thought today.

In November my Slovakian friend Richard traveled by motorcycle to Turkey for a visit.  We had a blast running in the mountains, swimming in the sea and eating kilos of fresh fruits and vegetables at the campsite.  By the time he returned home a whisper from China caught his ear.  Coronavirus was starting to brew.

Both Aysegul, my partner, and I are logical in our thinking and we honestly thought that Covid-19 would be contained by Spring 2020.  Both of us had plans and our plans were interrupted as we all readily know and are living through.  Suddenly the excitement of 2020 was met by the reality of a new future in which the rules were yet to be written.

I can tell you this, throughout this crisis, I have felt relatively safe.  We had our first coronavirus Positive on a Thursday and schools were immediately closed Friday and action preventive and corrective measures were implemented.  Cafes were shut down,  Restaurants too and those over 65 were told to shelter in place.  

All of this was happening while in the news Trump and bipartisan politics got in the way of action and saving the lives of Americans.  Beaches remained open.  Mask use became debatable and some thought God and the church would save them.   

I watched in horror.  My mom and many family members live in NY.  It’s a scary time to be watching through the looking glass at the actions being taken by the federal government in response to governing citizens through a crisis.  

There was no real playbook and our government failed us.  And they continue to do so.  Now, Trump is a criminal and always has been.  And it’s sad that he is our leader through such a turbulent time.  He is to blame along with every other senior member in the US Government.  The poor governance crosses both party lines in every office with the exception of the junior congresspersons just trying to figure things out and realizing how criminally unjust and rigged the system has become.

But the government is not the only one who is misjudging what their role should be at this time.  Naive. I am not, but I do believe that most of the time people will do good.  NOpe.  I no longer accept that as a normative truth.  Most people will lie and cheat to continue in their own glory.  

A Rainy Day is upon us and all those who we gladly supported financially were supposed to be in case of a Rainy Day. It is here.  Churches take collections every Sunday.  For what?  A private jet for the pastor.  A tummy tuck for his wife. Or was it supposed to be when the flock needed help, the pastor or shepherd was there.  

Church is a fraud.  Stop supporting it.  The hungry need feeding. The sick need care  THe homeless need shelter.  The church needs just bathing in its greedy glory.  Get rid of it.

The Government too.  We pay taxes with the idea that the government is working in our best interest.  That is not the case unless you are a racist murderous bigot.  The government has failed us ALL.  Black, white, male, female, and any other mix or middle you identify as.  The US Government led by senior politicians who have been in office as long as Trump has been a dick, are the problem.  Trump is just an STD lovechild of Pelosi and McConnell.

And you know, I accept I am not Tom Cruise or Oprah WInfrey.  I accept that we support their lavish lifestyles. But I always did so with the idea that they would help when needed.  And I am not talking about ‘We Are the World’ bullshit.  I am talking about using their voice and power to support their fans and not those that own them.  

But I guess that is the case.  No one is looking out for kind people who just want to be chill and happy.  My view from miles away rips me apart.  I see the culmination of just so much manipulation to so many people and none of it was good.  It’s to move forward to the future that Covid-19 gave us the opportunity to create.  I suggest we don’t waste the opportunity.


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