Civil Liberties and a Vacuum

Civil liberties do not exist in a vacuum.  They are like driving on the highway. It’s really easy when there’s no traffic but very hard when you are stuck especially if you are in a hurry.  I understand and accept that parts of my journey has been brought to me by white male privilege and American exceptionalism.  Simply, the road was designed for my car.

Now, my car can’t get out of its own way on the superhighway.  I have chosen a few different roads that few want to navigate, and have veered away from the smooth highway I could have traveled.  My compass has worked well thus far. 

We don’t have to look too far to understand that American exceptionalism is a branding tool and a myth.  The best cars are German. The best technology is Japanese.  Yet there are some people trying to hold onto the myth as though their life depends upon it. We call them karens and they are evil.  THey have no other function but to speed down the highway on the way to their book club or hot yoga class talking on their phone, smoking a cigarette and drinking a pumpkin spice latte.  Their lives revolve around them.

They all have one trait in common with TRump, they don’t understand the Constitution and the liberties it provides.  With the exception of slavery, and that’s a topic in and of itself that I want to put aside for now, the Constituion does set up a nation within certain parameters.  It does so by separating God and Country but not forgetting God.

Call it god.  Call it humanity.  Call it whatever you want.  The common thread that ties ALL of us together is humanity and therefore Golden rule.  I am going to do to you what I want done to me.  Anyone who does not accept this as a truth is inhumane because the GOlden rule is the foundation of humanity.

So anyone who is purposely taunting others with racist insults is inhumane.  Anyone not wearing a mask is inhumane.  Anyone who is vote shaming or bullying someone else is inhumane.  They are the criminals, they are committing the crime against humanity.  They should be punished. 


Thousands of years ago two nations went to war.  All of the mothers and wives of both nations sent their sons and husbands off to fight.  When the war was over, many of the mothers and wives were left without husbands and sons.

The field still needed tending and the house still needed building.

Each woman was given a prisoner of war to tend the fields and build the house.  These prisoners represented the men who killed the mothers and wives’ husbands and sons.  These prisoners were not treated with much dignity or respect.  They were the first slaves.  


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