Resilient to Change

A cooling breeze on a summer day is sometimes all we need.  Many times though the solution is more complicated.  I think sometimes we forget that change is necessary and resiliency is the skill we need to apply to survive.  America 2020 could stand to ponder this for a bit before November when election day will roll up and we will go to the polls to vote for whom we deem will lead the nation better.

Not all change is good but all change is definitive.  Once a change is made, it’s hard to back peddle.  When we decide to go through one door, we also choose not to go through any other doors.  That’s what makes change so problematic.  People are too rooted to what’s behind the door they chose and many are unwilling to explore what’s behind any other door.

Take the profession of teaching right now.  Many people went into it because it was family tradition or they were the impression that it was a meaningful career path that would make a difference.  Yet, teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers leaving the most vulnerable without quality educators in the classroom.  Add to that, a trigger police force and the conditions become ripe for combustion or fire.

The problem is no one seems to care.  Teachers are exhausted and paid peanuts yet are told they are lazy and paid their worth.  That’s not how to make positive change.  Do this for 40 years, let the fire run rampant and then, boom! Here we are.  Multiple generations of young men and women who have been failed by the education system and made into criminals by the police.

It is sad that for many years the world has watched and scoffed at America’s education and penal systems. It is now coming to a head.  

I support change and a change of guard and for all those police who are angry at the people they believe they are serving and protecting, might want to change your point of view and learn how to be resilient.  The same people you are angry with, are highly resilient.  They are surviving and some are thriving despite the odds that the system stacked against them.

Remember, change is inevitable.  Better to accept the tsunami and try to ride it and see what happens then fight against it.  YOu will lose every time under any analogy.  I support change and a world in which we are civil to each other unless someone is causing harm to us.  Then, gloves off.  It’s time.


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