What’s Next?

I am starting a bit differently today as things are different.  I want to start by addressing a concern.  I will preface what I am about to write by stating I am a third generation Italian Irish American from  New York.  What I know about racsim, the slave trade and black lives have either learned through education or experience. I can assure you that an Action Plan is needed to move forward or history will just repeat itself.  

One observation that I think needs to be addressed is that we are not the only nation protesting.  Hong Kong has been protesting to save its sovereignty as a democratic nation for 9 months.  In that time there have been only 2 deaths.  I think the reason is that even though the protesters and police are fighting, they all recognize that one day there Will be a new normal and that when that  day arrives, protestors and police will go back to being neighbors.  There is a lesson there to be learned and the police need to learn it.  

At some point this will end.  The youthful exuberance and fire will die down.  Look at the sixties.  They changed enough to experience change and a win and then hung up their hats.  Clearly it was not enough.  It was enough of a remedy to last for 40-50 years.  Now, the same issues are back and just like cancer going into remittance, when it comes back, it is more aggressive and more resilient to medicine and treatment.  

In other words, the path we are marching down has not been beaten yet.  History is literally being written as we speak.  What that history will look like from the future, who knows?  It’s irritating to me that we live in a period in which our collective egos think that we can name it.  As far I am concerned, this period should be named the Period of Awful Candidates and Worse Legislation.

How do we move forward?  What steps are needed to bring peace?  No one wants to spend more than a little while like this.  Too many lives lost and physical, mental and emotional carnage.  It’s not sustainable.  So what’s next?

First and foremost we need to make sure that whatever is done can be applied to all marginalized, subservient and slave groups worldwide.  We are the top team in some respects and it is not the time to just switch from one master to another as fun as it sounds.   Start with BLM and continue to everyone.  From afar, all Asians are grouped as the same like all whites, all blacks and all Africans.  A Cambodain is not a Thai is not Chinese.  An Italian is not French is not British.  A Nigerian is not an Ethipian is not Cameroon.  Sometimes I hope that we just start seeing others as cool or not cool.  It would make things so much easier.

We need to make sure that at the other end more people are taken care of and more people feel safe in and out of their homes.  To do that we need a few solutions implemented by our Government:

  1. Medical Care for All including Dental and Mental
  2. Universal Basic Income – end welfare
  3. Free Higher Education including career counseling and job placement
  4. Radial Living for all State service employees:  Police, teachers and Firepersons need to live in close proximity to where they work.  If they are hated by the community, then they are doing their job poorly.  Intervention is needed.
  5. Small business support to build communities
  6. Subsidized homeownership for descendants of Slavery
  7. Subsidized economic reparation and wealth management to be invested in community, business or home.  In other words, all get 1k a month to be used for home improvement, business or back into the community as a donation to schools and libraries 

Nothing will change and history will repeat itself if money is just spent upwards.  Whatever reparations are provided need to be managed in a way that the community comes first and that those living in the community are the ones working in the community.  In 6 months all police could be community grown.  In two years, all nurses.  In 4, all teachers.  In 6, all elected officials.  At 8, all doctors.

Those who have success for themselves and their families in the future are owners of land and property.  As many renters just found out, renting is not stable. Renting is for seasonal work.  It does not lend itself to stable strong communities. 

Go travel the world.  I have and one thing most people I have met have had in common is a desire to own land or property.  When you own land and property, you become invested in the community and rooted.  To maintain that rooting, their needs to be some help to those first time buyers and those getting their first taste of wealth.  That would set us on a better track in my opinion.


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