Racist Owners

I saw a video today in which an elderly man walked toward police trying to return one of their helmets.  A police officer pushed him down and in all likely hood, the elderly man is dead.  There is nothing right about that.  I dont care what side of the political divide you are on.  That is wrong and if you support that behavior, you will be tried, I hope, for war crimes.  I am happy my father is dead and not witnessing this. It would have killed him. 

Rascism is dumb.  If you are a rascist, you are dumb.  You have been sold a bill of goods that is filled with shit.  Race is not a just divider just like gender, sex, religion or age.  We are all human and part of the same species.  If you do not believe this, you have been educated incorrectly by whomever educated you.

I did not see color until I was 11 or 12.  My parents best friends were black.  I grew up calling them Aunt and Uncle and their kids were my cousins.  It was not until an aunt, ironically, of no blood relation asked me if I thought it was weird that I called them aunt and uncle.  I realized what she was saying and it dawned on me that they were black.  I just saw them as family who loved me, period.

Today, I am really sad that there is so much pain in the world but especially in my country.  What is worse, is that the pain is justified, but those who should be helping are beating down those in need of help and a voice.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

What scares me more is that there is still a voice supporting the cause of this evil time.  Trump is a sociopath and an evil self centered, self serving man.  He is the pandemic, the disease, the cancer, the evil that plagues my nation.  

He exists because the time was ripe for him to come to power.  The conditions were made perfect to allow a power grab by a man who has always viewed himself as a king.  Trump is to the USA what Covid is to Wuhan, China.  He is the virus.  It was the administrations before that fostered the conditions for his evil rise.

Trump is the tip of the spear.  He will be held accountable only if we implement someone with the balls to put him in jail or worse for the rest of his life and he can be accompanied by his daughter, her husband, Barr, Mitch, Nancy, Hillary and whomever else the new administration hands the book.

If this is a football match, we are sitting across the stadium supporting either the GOP or the DNC.  It is ludicrous.  The NFL, the teams, the players, the stadiums, the merchandise, the security, the concessions and the outcome probably are owned by Trump and the Billionaire Club.  It is time to change the game.  



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