Spanking the Rich

If you wanted to control others, how would you do it?  Me, I would use the age old tactic that every child intrinsically seems to know.  Pit one person against another person to deflect the blame.  As adults we imagine that this pitting ends as we mature.  For argument’s sake let’s say it does not.  Instead, let’s say the children are the powerful and parents or adults pitted against each other are different groups within society.

Let’s examine this through fast food first.  Rich and powerful people either own or are invested in Burger King and McDonalds.  The ads campaigns of these two companies for many forces the customers to fight over a baseless opinion.  In the end, it’s fast food.  It tastes good but is not high in the nutrients we need for optimum health.  As the consumer we are conditioned to feel like the kid. I am choosing what I want.  In reality, when we eat there, we are supporting the kid and the bad habit.

Same goes for sports.  It is ridiculous that fans are willing to fight over their team’s success or superiority as though it matters.  Again, take basketball, the owners of the Knicks and the Lakers could care less who wins or loses.  They just want fans spending money and identifying themselves with one of the teams.  Sure, we have preferences, but those preferences are not worth dying over.  In the end, you are either a fan of the game or not.  If you are, it’s the equivalent of two parents giving the same answer to their child.  Both saying you may go to the movies or vice versa.  But as fans, if we are fighting, our support escalates verbally, physically and financially.  That’s the owner’s ultimate goal.

Religion is the same.  The end game is living a life on earth as a physical you in order to have a better existence beyond this one.  All religions are the same product.  Just like jeans or sneakers, one brand is going to fit better than the other.  Certainly no reason to kill.  Most religions actually forbid killing and doing any action in the name of god.

Which brings me to race.  The spoiled rich kids in the class are controlling the classroom and until we stop looking at them for help and guidance, they will still be in control.  We are the parents or guardians and they are the kids.  Yet, they are really smart and sneaky and we have allowed them to take control thinking that they will eventually do the right thing.  They will not.  They are spoiled rotten and get what they want when they want it.  It is up to us to shift this paradigm back.

They are successful because they have pitted poor vs poor.  Burger King vs McDonalds.  Coke vs Pepsi.  Lakers vs Knicks.  Nike vs Adidas.  There is no difference unless the child is allowed to make a mountain out of a molehill and they have.  They have created the Everest of same vs same.  Black vs White is human vs human.  Chistian vs Muslim is human vs human.  Man vs Woman is human vs human.  The differences are miniscule.  Bulldoze these differences and accept that there is only one difference worth putting human vs human and that is rich vs poor.

The spoiled rich kids become spoiled rich adults that thrive on pitting those below them against themselves in any way possible.  SOmetimes for profit and sometimes for pleasure.  When we choose Coke or Pepsi, one of the spoiled gets more.  When we support the Knicks over the Lakers, the spoiled get more.  When gangs fight and kill each other in poor neighborhoods, the spoiled are entertained.  

The spoiled rich kids are winning and they will continue to win until we recognize them as the children and the US as the parents or guardians and we stop fighting amongst ourselves and start reprimanding the kids.  Some are in need of a spanking.


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