From 1st to 2nd to Winning the Game

From 1st to 2nd to Winning the Game is a scenario that may be playing out in real time. The powers that be are magicians working for the Corporate Oligarchy. They get the people looking in one direction and do something in the other. I will wager a bet that this is the gambit.

Step 1: Get the two sides of the nation fighting amongst themselves and label them with hard lines like Conservative vs Liberal.

Step 2: Wait for a moment to put both sides against each other in real time violently.

Step 3: If the violence does not happen organically, add some fire starter or people to spark the violence.

Step 4: Blame the violence and the tree hugging liberals.

Step 5: Garner support from the Gun Toting conservatives.

Step 6: Fan the flames and incite violence. Make sure people die.

Step 7: Blame the press for bias coverage and inciting and supporting some of the violence.

Step 8: Make sure the press is covering the violence against the police and government.

Step 9: Get the Guntoters to side with the police and government.

Step 10: Incite violence within the liberals and attack the press.

Step 11: Blame the press for their wrongdoings and again promoting the violence.

Step 12. Make sure some people are hurt bad enough to bleed.

Step 13: Impose curfews.

Step 13: Wait for viewers to complain about what they are seeing, watching and reading in the press.

Step 14: Remove some of the privileges of the press.

Step 15: Make sure the Gun toters are fully aware and hating the press and media too.

Step 15: Blackout the press and media.

Step 17: Create no movement zones and arrest and inflict harm on those who disobey.

Step 18: Have the Guntoters help.

Step 19: Support an insider led revolution that harms many on both sides.

Step 20: Quell the uprising with Guntoter support.

Step 21: Blame the Guntoter supporters for needless violence.

Step 22: Collect their guns with severe action.

Step 23: Implement a fascist regime.

This is how I see the next few weeks playing out if All American Citizens no matter what race, color, sex, gender or politic come together to stop Trump and his gang of White Collar Criminals from their hostile takeover.


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