Solidarity and BLM Theses

Unity seems to be overplayed and over used.  I think it may be better to think more on the lines of solidarity since it’s meaning is unity with a common purpose.  There is no question that history will be written about the current events in the United States that were sparked by the murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin, a Minnesota police officer.  Who writes it and the story is what’s still to unfold.

If Black Lives Matter is victorious, then the protestors and rioters will be written in the books as heroes and gladiators.  But if the status quo wins, they will be written in the books as the villians and instigators of the violence and destruction that occurred.

Me, I like change.  I am not threatened much by it so I am open to whatever the future holds.  I am also old enough and wise enough to see that bad planning makes for an easy win.  It is why I think we need to start standing in solidarity with each other and moving towards a common goal.  

From my vantage point it is quite simple, if the government wants us to cease and desist then Medical Care for All, a Universal Basic Income, tuition forgiveness and free higher education needs to be written in as the laws of the land among other items that would help to change the course of the lower 70% lives.  

Martin Luther did the same thing when he posted the 95 Theses and started the Protestant Revolution.  What worked was that those marginalized and dissatisfied people found hope in the changes he brought forth.  I think we need to work towards the same end.

The opposite of this plan is ultimately why the Occupy movement failed.  Protesters hunkered down and the powers that be offered them a voice and asked, ‘What do you want?’  There was no solidarity, there was a fractured message that like a grenade destroyed the movement from the inside out.  I was part of the movement in Denver and that is exactly what happened and maybe it was because of planted agitators.

So if you want to write the history, come together in solidarity to bring forth executable and attainable change that will make for a better future.  Bernie Sanders was on the right track.  Now it is up to us to finish the job.  Solidarity for Reform!


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