Masks and Miller Light

Mask use is not an infringement on Freedom because Freedom is not about the individual without community. Freedom is about what an individual is allowed to do to still be part of the community. It exists in unison with the nation and is part of the contract between government and citizen that has been slowly eroded to the point that the future of our nation is hanging in the balance. Americans are pushing back on mask use because of the deep underlying abuse our leaders have inflicted on all of us.
I liken mask use to condom use. Two strangers meet. Decide to hook up. Go home. One says we must use a condom for me to consent. The other says no, I will not use one and they still have sex. It is no longer consensual. It is non-consentual and therefore rape.
Mask use is the same on a communal level. I wear a mask to keep me and my family safe and to keep you and your family safe. It is literally the basic premise of humanity and is clearly a perfect example of the Golden Rule. Not using one goes against kindness to others.
America, you need to wake up and try to understand what you are arguing about. It is not masks or Biden or Trump. You are fighting for your America itself and what it means to be free. Every American I have crossed paths with has a gripe with another about some topic: guns, abortion, politics, food, drugs, environment, transportation. No matter where you stand, there is someone willing to counter argue these points.
So what are we really arguing about? They are all semantic debates that we will continue to focus on until we wake up. It started with Miller Light and precedent was set by government interference with Obama when he said businesses were too big to fail during the economic downturn.

Miller Light in the 80s had a commercial where the tagline was Tastes Great vs Less Filling. The ad campaign filled stadiums with people chanting against each other from side to the other. Tastes Great, Less Filling. Upon reflection it was absurd. Why on earth would fans of the same product argue vehemently against each other. It was by design to pave the way for worse.
Obama setting precedent and bailing out GM was the worse. He killed capitalism. If I have a store and you have a store, we are competitors. There are only three outcomes. One, there are enough customers for both of us to succeed like McDonalds and Burger King. Two, one of us will fail like Amazon vs Borders books. Or both will fail like Blockbuster and Locally owned Video Rentals.
The only time there is a problem is when failure is upon a company and it is bailed out. It takes away freedom from the consumer or individual. Who knows what new and innovative solutions would have arisen? Remember, those at the top love and want to maintain the status quo.
Nationally, we are in a moment where all of us can clearly feel that something is amiss. The GOP conservative side is standing against mask use and quarantine for no masks and opening the economy. The DNC is standing by Biden, the worst possible candidate to go up against Trump and his bullying blistering degrading demeanor. And the Progressives are standing by wanting a better candidate. M4A and UBI. I understand that I am a prog so my brain processes and thinks like one but here me out.
We are in the middle of a Pandemic. 40 million Americans have lost both employment and medical insurance. It’s a medical and economic emergency. Help the taxpayers first. Taxpayers with money spend money. The same corporations will get the money they earn as we spend it. There needs to be UBI and M4A for ALL AMERICANS. We can debate semantic issues later.
Remember, if we are fighting amongst ourselves – Tastes Great, Less Filling – we are fighting against the rules of the game being changed in media res, drinking beer that for some is awful or focused on the fact that those in the Goodyear Blimp above are watching and enjoying us fighting. Our hatred and angst is focused at each other and not where it should be which is directly at ALL of them. It’s TIME.


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