COV – Create Outdoor Ventures

For endurance athletes out there 2020 sucks. It’s the year that racing and events were stopped. My question becomes does that mean that fitness and goals should stop too? My simple answer is absolutely not. COV-19 is just the year where events need to be self planned and self supported.
Here are two ideas for the endurance athletes like me who are entering the season with a bunch of fitness and not many places to apply it.

1 Fast Packing: For the last two years Gezi and I have lived out of a 22 liter Osprey Talon. 2018 was a 100 miles on the Lycian Way in Turkey and 2019 was a 100 miles ever the Auvergne in France. Both were amazing. This year will be the Carion Trail in Turkey.

Fast packing is simple. Go light. Go fast. Sleep. Eat. Repeat. The first year I slept in a hammock and the second on a pad on the ground. Either works. The biggest challenge is water. is a great app for this, it has water sources on the hiking overlay.

2 Bike packing: Same process as above except you can probably leave from your house and can bring more amenities like a tent and some spare clothes.

There are three ways to kit up your bike for BPing:

  • Panniers – bags that attach to external frame mounts on bikes. Not all frames can accommodate this style but as far as load, can carry more than BPing bags.
  • Bike packing bags – sets of three that are similar to Fast Packing in the sense that space will be very limited. So for speed and distance, it is probably the way to go but for amenities and extras it is not. Depends on your personality.
  • Trailer – think of a pick up truck bed made bicycle size giving you the ability to carry more which makes packing less of a challenge. Garbage bags to keep your stuff dry is all you need other than the bike, trailer and of course, helmet.

Beyond that just go. Whether you drive to a trailhead and do an out or back, a loop or get picked up a B location by a trustworthy source, there is no need to not get out and go. My advice is to do a few overnites before you go big. Nothing worse than having a heavy load when trying to go far efficiently and nothing like not having what you need when you need it. Like anything practice makes perfect.
So welcome to the year of Create Own Venture and self-guided exploration. Get out there, get dirty, have some fun and explore.
For consultation and advice please contact me and let me help with the planning from routes to gear choice and all that’s in between.

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