COVID 19 Theses of Reform

In 1517 Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses at Wittenburg and started the Protestant Reformation fracturing the power of the Catholic Church.
We, the people, need to demand change of the federal government so that it better meets the needs of the citizens. Our taxpayer dollars are being misused and misappropriated to help those they serve the least. That needs to be stopped.
We will not return to work and restart the economy until these 19 Theses have been written into law and implemented across the land. Now is the time.
COVID 19 THESES of Reform:

  1. Socialized medicine including mental, dental and vision
  2. Public Universities will be tuition free
  3. $30,000 living wage for all citizens working or not
  4. $15 an hour minimum wage
  5. All workers receive 7 sick days, 10 vacation days and 12 weeks family leave paid
  6. Government investment in infrastructure to create jobs including airports and roads
  7. Government investment in renewable energies such as solar and wind
  8. Tax carbon and methane emissions
  9. Create a clear and simple pathway to citizenship for undocumneted persons in the US
  10. Regulate the Visa system to be aligned with fair trade
  11. Ally with other world leaders to create diplomatic solutions
  12. Bring combat troops home where possible
  13. Redirect portion of defense fund towards education and prison reform
  14. Take care of Veterans
  15. Tax the wealthy
  16. Implement and monitor a fair and equitable election system including campaign finance
  17. Mandatory retirement age for all workers including government
  18. Media news outlets must report unbiased facts or have license revoked
  19. Universal Background checks for all gun sales
  20. Salary cap of Govt workers in Feds at $200,000
  21. Only money donated by voters can be used for campaigns with a cap of $10,000 per voter

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