A Federalist Shift

Elizabeth Price Foley quote: Federalism isn't about states' rights ...

Leaders emerge because they have a mission and they understand the game that is being played.  Maybe Bernie Sanders only had the mission, but because he is an honest man, he doesn’t understand the game.  Liars and cheats win or face no consequences and the honest suffer. This is true for the Not Me Us movement, vegetarians and non smokers and this is where the problem may fester.

Take vegetarians and more so vegans, they clearly have the moral high ground.  Carnivores want to debate it but it’s not debatable. It’s excusable but in the end, the veggie lover is right.  A cow should be allowed to be a cow, a chicken a chicken and a fish a fish. These animals should be part of the food cycle not crops in the same vain and sense as a carrot or a potato.  These are sentient beings like us who feel fear and pain. Yes, they probably accept death as part of life but not how we have designed it.

Now I am not against people who eat meat.  Do what you want? We have one go around, have some fun but be aware that if you are a meat eater who hates vegetarians and vegans, it is physiologically caused by your brain understanding the difference between a right and wrong and not accepting it.

Smoking is another example.  Smoking kills the user and those around the user.  It is clearly stated on the box. Yet many smokers take offence when asked to not smoke near a non-smoker as though their personal freedoms are being infringed upon.  This is not the case. The smoker is killing those around them. Not many people want to be murdered by another yet the smokers rage against the truth.

The NotMeUs movement is the same.  It is a movement of the moral high ground.  We are those who believe in helping the most amount of our fellow citizens by providing them their needs.  Anyone against us is an angry smoker or a hell bent carnivore. Healthcare, education and a living wage are human rights.  They may be stemmed in socialism but they are also rooted in democracy for you can’t have a healthy nation with an unhealthy, uneducated and poor populous.  It doesn’t work.  

Those against the NotMeUs movement are the angry smokers and hell bent carnivores.  We don’t care if you eat meat and smoke. Go for it, just don’t do it to the detriment of others.  Plain and simple that is the golden rule. Many conservatives are like that. They voice the fact that they eat meat and don’t want to change and could care less about vegetarianism.  That’s okay. We all can’t get along or need to but most of the one’s I have met and know would also gladly make me a vegetarian option or a complete meal for all if they invited me to dinner.  

Donald Trump screwed up. He is giving us an opening in many ways as he returns the power to the governors.  Remember the union that fought off the British and created the federal government did so with only three goals in mind which were to create a national militia and to regulate trade between states and between nations.  Trump just wants to return to that system.  

For the NotMeUs movement it may indeed be a win.  Instead of fighting at a national level, we could fight at the state level demanding states to provide the big three or we leave.  That’s more manageable. It provides choice for all. The pandemic is changing the landscape and how the game is played. Those who want change need to unite together to make it happen.  Instead of fighting at the national level, fight at the state level. The states that provide the big three we all migrate to. That would be an easier solution than fighting a rigged system where the winner has already been chosen and the plays have already been decided. 


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