A Letter to Senator Sanders

Dear Senator Sanders,

Sun Tzu said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  I know you have read The Art of War so you understand the meaning.  The problem arises when you forget to keep track.  I think you have.

BernieSanders Endorses @HillaryClinton. Now What? | Head Tale

This is my favorite photo of you because, even though I am not a strong player, I can clearly see that Chess is a tool for life.  So much so that at each school I have worked at, I have taught how to play chess to my students. Those who were able to learn how to play and beat me, I know will have success in their future.  It was fun to challenge them and fun to see them challenged.

As you know there are multiple levels of Chess.  On April 14th you made a mistake. You should have stood up and examined the table from a bird’s eye view before hastily making your next move.  You were ahead and instead you gave up your queen.

You did something amazing.  You helped to build the largest grassroots movement in history to actuate change and the success of that movement was within reach.  Yet you opened a clear line to your queen and gave her away. I don’t why and neither do any of your followers.

Coronavirus put you in a stronger position because more people now need help.  You are the pathway to that help. Yet you stepped on it destroying the trust between student and teacher.   This never leads anywhere good. I have been there rarely and each time my gut churns as I quickly try to remedy the problem.

Did Bernie Sanders Say 'I Will Never Tell You How to Vote, If I Do ...

As I see it, there are a few possibilities.  One, you are sick and know you will not survive your tenure in which case, my greatest sympathy.  Two, you have been threatened in some way to force your hand. Three, you are a fraud and built the hope of millions of people for your own personal satisfaction only to crush us.  Or four, the game is still afoot and you are strategizing for the win. 

All I would ask of you is that you let your movement know.  From my seat the plan all along by the DNC was to fracture the party.  They created the most diverse group of candidates ever with the idea that some from the NotMeUs movement would be pulled in their direction based on gender, sexuality and other deciding factors.  

It didn’t happen.  The NotMeUs movement behind you continued to grow and build even as the Coronavirus and the Global Pandemic spread worldwide.  The movement had a rock solid foundation until it was fractured by the person with the key to the backdoor. That person was you Senator Sanders.  

I would like to know why.  I think you owe it to your supporters now instead of later when the books are written and the ballots are cast.





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