Plan B: #B4Bernie Back in the Game

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As any leader,which includes all ranking military and all teachers, they will agree that the best laid plans go to waste.  Rarely do classes or battles begin and end the way you think they will. So Plan A always looks nice but usually winds up in the trash bin which leads me to Plan B.

Plan B is simple.  It requires all of the NotMeUs family to unite for one purpose and that is to force the Democratic party’s voters that the only option for their dream of Not Trump is Bernie Sanders as the nominee.  The way I see it, the DNC called the bluff of Never Biden and we need to be resolute and unyielding in delivering the very clear message that Never Biden is not a ruse but a demand by the NotMeUs constituents in the movement to elect a Democratic President.

Two things, one after Bernie is in office we need to Dem Exit and create a new party in which the leaders of the Democratic party are left looking for a job and we will not hire them.  Until then, we need to be the Noid, the annoyance to any Biden backer that he is unelectable because of his history of being an elitist power driven prick against POC, gays, the poor and especially women.  He is not the guy for the job.

Which leads me to point two. It has three players: Bernie, Biden and Trump.  Let’s start with Trump. If you have read any book on the 2016 election, it is made resoundingly clear that Trump’s only reason to run was to increase brand recognition and wealth.  He was as surprised, if not more, than Hillary that he won.  

Now ask yourself this, does Trump like being president?  Absolutely not, it goes against everything that we know about Trump.  He likes power, sure. But what he really thrives on is being liked by everyone.  He is criticized and hated by over a billion people worldwide. That is his hubris.  He would rather go back to the world of sleaze where women who like it are groped by him behind closed doors.  In other words, he wants to go back to being Trump the billionaire.

However, he also does not like to lose.  He is a capitalist to the core so he is unwilling to gracefully exit.  Instead he needs to be beaten and he knows that the only person capable to do this is Bernie. Why?  Because Bernie may not go word for word against members of his party, he damned sure will get in and grapple against Trump.  He wants a worthy adversary and that is Bernie. Just like Trump is a man of the people, so is Bernie. He has led a grassroots movement of 10 million strong which has one purpose which is to help the most people maintain or obtain their liberty.  Even Trump admires and sees this.

Who doesn’t see this is the DNC and Biden?  Why? Because they thrive on control and placating as opposed to solving problems.  Biden’s only purpose at the start of this primary season was to be the other old white guy.  The DNC purposely supported the most diverse field to fracture the NotMeUs movement behind Bernie.  They gambled on it and so far it has not paid any dividends. What I mean by this is that the DNC believed that all gays would back Pete, all Occupy and anarchists would back Beto, all white women would back Warren, all service people would back Tulsi and all POC would back Harris.  Even if it worked with one group, it would have caused discontent among the NotMeUs movement that would have been very public and create momentum for one of the above candidates while weakening those behind Bernie.  

It failed.  NotMeUs is an ethical and empathetic movement that has good on its side if there is a battle between good and bad.  First, its members are either those in the most need or those who want to help those in need. That’s an immovable force.  Simply, medical, education and a living wage are basic human rights, Period. No if and or but.  

Those that don’t align with this thinking lack empathy and miss the ethical point.  Helping others is the golden rule of humanity. Asking someone who believes this to value an insurance company or a billionaire over a fellow human being and fellow citizen is impossible.  It’s inhumane as much so as the Nazi’s relationship with Jews.

Plan A was simple.  Play by the books. Hit the streets, knock on doors, collect money and put Bernie into the White House to ensure every American basic human rights: medical, education and a living wage.  Didn’t work. The media’s owners were unrelenting in their hatred of change and the fear of losing power. The DNC was worse than 2016 in their quest to control the minds and votes of liberals, independents and party members.  

Plan B:  Bernie stayed the course like the beacon of light in a lighthouse for ships at sea.  His message is still clear and ever more important today amidst coronavirus than it ever has been.  My suggestion to the NotMeUs family is that we need to enact Plan #B4Bernie and prove to those who thought or think Never Biden was a hollow argument that the only way for the Democratic party to elect a party person is with Bernie.  

Now it is not the time to rest on our laurels.  It is the time to take to the information highway and debate and counter argue and prove that the Democrats only win if Bernie wins and that those behind Biden need to #get2work to adopt our ethical and moral platform because we are united and an immovable force for change to help our fellow man.  They have a voice, they can demand for Biden to step down and give his delegates to Bernie. That is the only way and that is Plan B.


One response to “Plan B: #B4Bernie Back in the Game”

  1. I’ve been saying this since before the 2020 elections started. Plan A is to get Bernie nominated, and then elected. Plan B is to get Bernie elected regardless of the nomination. #PlanBernie is to work on plan B while we work on plan A, so that we are prepared to elect Bernie Sanders as our president either way.


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