The Hard Way

But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. - Ernest Hemingway

Someone asked me a while back what my prediction was if Bernie did not get the Democratic nominee.  My answer was simple, the hard way.  

I am not a fighter but I am sure as heck a survivor.  I have had a gun to my head twice. I have survived big wave wipeouts, multiple car crashes, many ultra marathons and a slew of other things like acute gallbladder disease and a broken neck.  All have been part of my life and part of my story.

Do you remember the movie Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot?  My dream was to grow up to be the Elliot character and I am certainly on my way.  

One thing I know for certain is that Life unfolds as it Will.  With big ticket items, it has rarely not had an unexpected turn or twist.  So simply life is not about how easy it is, it’s about accepting it on its terms and enjoying the now and the present.  This for most is a work in progress. I have a handle on it 85% of the time my stomach is full and 10% when I am hangry.  Also part of my learning process.

Back to the now and a communal disappointment for millions of people worldwide.  Bernie Sanders put his campaign on hold. One thing for certain is that Sanders is not dumb so this may indeed be part of a grander plan.  It may in fact be the biggest political bluff of all time.  

It is clear that the Democratic Party does not like Sanders.  Of course they don’t. He would force them to work, to actually go out on the street and knock on doors.  For people like Clinton, Pelosi, Perez, this is beneath them. Their constituents come to them, not the other way around.  

So maybe this is Sanders saying okay, you think you can win without me?  Good luck. He is a boomer who is giving the same sass given to us as supporters right back at them.  Because the Democrats are gambling with the election again and their hubris are trumpian egoes always telling them they are right.  

In the aftermath of 2016 when Sanders began to campaign, it was made clear by his movement that we were behind the man, not the party.  It was up to the party to sway us to vote otherwise. And they did a stupendous job at trying. They threw Pete and Amy and Warren and the lot of them at us but we never swayed, not even for a NY minute.

Why?  That’s simple.  Bernie is the ethical choice for All of us.  He is not misogynistic or a billionaire. He has a record of being empathetic with the people especially those at the bottom and wanting to do right by them.  Those are Jewish values, Christian values, Muslim values and human values but apparently not the Democratic Parties values. A vote for Bernie represents hope for those who need it and a way to help those who need it which is ironically, due to Coronavirus and Trump’s Pandemic, growing at exponential speed.

So a return to the Hard Way.  I think very soon it will become clear that Biden is not electable even more so that Hillary ever was.  So maybe we will get lucky and he will do what’s right and drop out.  

If not, strike.  Full on full stop no movement until legislation is PASSED that provides every American with Health Care, a living wage and education for those who lost their jobs to be taught something new.  There is a storm brewing, best to get ahead of it. We are 10 million strong and that is enough to make a stand for our liberty.


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