Dear Republicans and the GOP,

Dear Republicans and the GOP,

Can we please put our differences aside for a minute and think about Old Glory and what she represents?  To start she does not represent a monarch or an oligarchy. She supports a tried and true Republic that unites all of us under her shadow from coast to coast and everything in between and extending further to all that call themselves Americans. I am one and you are one. That I will not debate.  We are brothers and sisters despite our differences. 

The idiocy of banning Old Glory

She also represents justice for all and in the simplest of terms that means that things need to be fair and I can assure you they are not.  The clearest example is that the civil servants that we know as politicians have lifetime healthcare provided to them for their duty. Why should that be different for any American?  It should not. It is a need and therefore a right.

Today, we have a common enemy.  The DNC, the establishment behind the Democratic party, is run by some of the most low down rotten scoundrels to ever claim our nationality and should be brought to justice for the crimes they have committed against humanity, the flag and its citizens.  People like Tom Perez, Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton need to be put behind bars for treasonous acts against us all which include election and voter fraud. That is just not the American way.

But there is another common enemy, your guy, Donald J Trump.  He is doing the same. He is putting his agendas, his families agendas, his friends agenda and the billionaire agendas ahead of the American people.  This to me is not American. It goes against the flag and the country that I call home. 

I think it is time to put our differences aside and demand that our government provides all of our brothers and sisters with the basic needs to survive like medical, education and a living wage.  That’s the American way and the path of God that Old Glory is flown on. God, and it doesn’t matter what faith you have, is about caring for your neighbors like they are your brothers and sisters despite their differences.  If you don’t see this, there is always time for a rethink.  

One politician running for President seems to understand this and it’s not Biden or Trump.  They care more about themselves than they do others. Bernie Sanders is the guy to lead us out of this mess not thieves and fighters who are in broad daylight robbing us blind.

Please put aside our differences and unite behind Bernie Sanders as the 46th President of the United States.  He is the best person for the job if you care about liberty and justice for you and your neighbors. The USA was not founded as a monarchy, do not let it become one.


Gezi and Me


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