Stockholm’s Butterfly

I live on earth so earth is good. I live in a nation so nations are good. I live in a city so cities are good. I live in a house so houses are good. I went to school so school is good. I went to church so church is good. I voted so voting is good. I am good so who I voted for is good. I am good so what I do is good. I own a plantation so I am good. I believe in my government so my government is good. I follow my leaders so my leadership is good. I am a Nazi so being a Nazi is good. I killed Jews so killing Jews is good. I enslaved other humans so I am good. I am afraid of the dark so light is good. I am afraid of change so change is bad.
This is a snapshot of what I hear and see from most people who are afraid of change. They believe that man is inherently good and therefore they are good which brings them to the conclusion that what they do and what they believe in are good. Wake up! This is not true. This is how the Third Reich was created and all of us know how that turned out. Kant’s Categorical Imperative discusses just this. To simply put it in a Cliff Note version, it means there is a right and wrong. Examples include abusing your spouse, sex crimes especially against children and murdering your neighbor. Those who do these things are not good therefore they are bad or evil. They were misguided or taught wrong from the beginning like a family of racists. The baby isn’t born racist. They are taught to be.

Helmet/House of Pain – Just Another Victim

The problem today is that there are too many victims and their assailants are cunning. The popular TV show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about this. She is kidnapped and once freed has moments in which she doesn’t hate her captor rapist. She finds herself remembering the time fondly. This is a survival tool and part of Stockholm Syndrome. When the victim feels empathy towards their assailant and stops wishing them harm. How is that different between how the right feels about Trump and how many Democrats feel about their party? I don’t think it is. Both the GOP and the DNC go against the founding principles of our nation in order to fill the members pockets with tax payer gold. Those in power only want more. No other way to explain the bailout in 2008 or today. But again, the assailants against American citizens are smart and cunning.
I do not have Stockholm syndrome? As the lyrics say, Holy Godiva, I’m a survivor and feeling like DeNiro in Taxi Driver. I have a terminal disease that takes minutes off of my life everyday and someday will die of kidney or liver failure I suspect. So what? We all died in the end, just a question of when. What’s important is how we live in the now and what we do. In the end I want to be known as someone who tried to do more good than harm. My balance sheet is heavy on the good side and karma seems to let me know when it’s off.
So again, I ask you is it possible that you are a victim of the highest order by the worst type of assailant? Those with power and the title of leader and the ability to shift the truth. Examples are teachers and priests that assault children. Thieves who steal from the poor and elderly. Those who hurt those who can’t defend themselves. And to me, the worst, white collar criminals who steal our hope and future for their own gains which are now running the federal government.

Rage Against the Machine – Know Your Enemy

If you are an American in 2020 and against building a socialist safety net for ALL then you land in one of three groups: freeperson, slave or master. Freeperson today is someone who sees that they are in between a rock and a hard place when choosing between parties because both represent the master or assailant. The slaves are the victims. They are the blinded by their own fear of change and belief in humanity similar to a Nazi in Germany. The followers of the party didn’t believe they were inherently evil even though the party. They couldn’t see it because they were slaves to the system. In the end they still should be held accountable because of Kant. There are clear lines of right and wrong in humanity. The masters are those who actively stop change and forward progress. They are the masters or the assailants. They do not want help, they want to maintain their dominance and power, period.
Wake up! You have been manipulated to think that you do not deserve basic liberties which have been promised to you by the laws of the land through the Constitution and through the Categorical Imperative or Golden rule. If you argue this, you are a slave. Those at the top, your hamsters, don’t care if you live or die. In fact, in some way, it is easier for them if you die. Remember there are 7.8 Billion people on the planet. Are you the only one who can do your job? I think not.
The simplest way to explain what needs to be changed is how we define the liberties promised to us in the Constitution in exchange for our citizenship. They can be defined as modern day needs. These liberties are simple: medicare for ALL, a living wage for ALL, retirement for ALL, education and job training for ALL. No if and or but, this is what you deserve for labeling yourself An American and this is what your neighbor deserves regardless of if they are an American or not because that is a founding principle.
The closer you are to the bottom of the economy ladder, the easier it is to see that you are a slave. You have a hard life in which basic needs are hard to come by. That’s not the fault of you, that’s the fault of the masters.
Those in the middle are the most blind and the most stubborn. It’s hard to give up the fancy car for a downgrade so that your neighbor can have a base model and therein lies the rub. Those slaves to the system that are okay with the status quo, those who think Biden is a good candidate, have yet to be able to see. They are like a lobster being cooked in cold water. They do not scream but accept their fate because the water feels nice even though it will eventually kill them. Those are the slaves that need to wake up. If you label yourself a good person, it is time to do right by your neighbor and uphold the Golden rule.

Blues Traveler – Optimistic Thought

Now the good news, the butterfly effect. This is the idea that a small change can have great consequences. I believe the Butterfly landed in Wuhan in the form of a bat to change history. I am an American so I can only definitively look at the world through American eyes.
I am a free person. I can think outside the box and apply critical thinking skills that connect weird dots to uncover the truth that resonates with me. Coronavirus will bring systemic change. That is a certainty. Which direction that change is directed is up to us.
I see two paths. One, as more and more people lose their jobs and insurance, more and more people will fall further down the economic ladder and rely more on the government in the form of debt and loans therefore maintaining the slave master relationship. The other path, the road less traveled, is a revolution that patches and fixes the social net that is beyond threadbare by providing all citizens basic liberties to help us pursue happiness.
Those behind Bernie are now free. They have the Categorical Imperative and the Golden rule behind them. In plain and simple terms, they want to elect Bernie because he will do right by them and their neighbors and I am proud to be one.


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