What They Fear Most?

What we fear most is upon us?  The feeling that our lives and livelihood have been for naught and that we will not be able to say goodbye to our loved ones.

What they fear most is upon them?  A moment in time in which those that serve them can rally together and make a stand.

Teaching 101:  What makes a successful teacher?

  1. Have the ability to meet the needs of almost all students in the class without inciting riot or mutiny
  2. Convince your students that you are fair.  How you treat one is how you treat all.
  3. Create an environment where there are rules and consequences and those consequences are doled out fairly.
  4. Build relationships of trust with all students in the class
  5. Never ever let the students think that they are the boss.
  6. Be strict yet funny, fair and kind
  7. Teach students how to critically think
  8. Teach students how to accept mistakes
  9. Teach students how to learn from mistakes
  10. Do more good than harm – you as the teacher will make mistakes.

To be a successful leader you need to have the same skills.  Worse thing that can happen to both is for the students or people to get together beyond the teachers or leaders back to plot against them.

What they fear most?

First, who are they. They are the power elite and billionaire class not let me explain.

  1. Having to do work that they feel is beneath them
  2. Having their workers or people have enough time to plot and rally against them
  3. Being poor
  4. Not being in control or in a leadership role
  5. Having to listen to someone else or to have a boss
  6. Not having power over others
  7. Being found out that they are just people
  8. Being found out that they are frauds
  9. Not having power to hurt those we or others love
  10. Having to follow the laws like those beneath them

Let me use Amazon and Jeff Bezos as the example but apply the example to all elites whether you are a fan or not.  People like the Clinton’s, the Kardashians, the Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Harvey Weinstein and more. You get the point.

Who stands to lose if the working class were not to work?  Everyone.

Who stands to lose the most if the working class stopped working?  Those at the top.

It’s like a classroom. Every teacher has had that moment where they have lost the class for one reason or another.  Ask a veteran teacher and they will tell you it was the worst class of their career and all they did was wait for the clock to run out.  

Apply the same logic to those in power.  Bezos has billions of dollars that only are worth anything if the dollar remains valuable.  Look at the Mexican Peso or Turkish Lira. Both have had to cut zeroes off the currency to make them seem normal.  The number is irrelevant. Perceived value is what counts.

If suddenly we started trading services and products and bartering, Amazon and the dollar would become defunct.  So he will do everything in his power to get us to go back to work and to keep spending which includes putting our lives on the line.

Ironically, if they force us back to work we or one of our loved ones die.  If we don’t go back to work, we won’t have money and therefore we or one of our loved ones will die.  Typical and perfect example of a Catch 22.

So what do we do?  I imagine that it is time to put our differences aside and rely on the goodness of man and humanity to work it out.  What I mean by this, I think it is time to refuse to work. Strike with a very clear list of demands that are easy enough to apply.

  1. Medical care for all
  2. Medical debt waived
  3. A living wage for all including retirement
  4. Education for free
  5. Education debt waived
  6. Non violent petty criminals, not white collar criminals, released with one more chance with zero debt, an apartment and a stable job. 
  7. End of the billionaire class
  8. End of conglomerates
  9. End of the two party system
  10. Only women can debate a woman’s right to choose.

Beyond that and getting Bernie Sanders as the tip of the spear into the White House, let the states decide.  I am sure there are a few more measures that would be needed like a reality TV Show starring Trump, family and friends live streamed from a maximum security prison that we can visit and stare.  But that parts a daydream, the rest I think is real.  

But I do promise you one thing, if there was ever a right time for change, that time is now.  If we let it sail by, the outcomes are on us.  We let Trump into the White House. Part of the blame is on us.

What I fear most?  That’s simple. Not doing the right thing to help others plain and simple.

So I stand beside those in need ready to take action.  I will lead if asked. I will teach if asked. I will be your ear in need.  What I will not be is a voice of blame and despair that lacks hope. If that is you, change.  Suck it up and stand up for what is right and good. No, at the end of this journey we will not all be millionaires with yachts and mansions but we will be men and women who know that we did our best in a rough spot.  

We took hard hits and got back up to do what was right for the future of ourselves and others.  It is 2020. There is no reason that any American or human should suffer death because of not having access or being able to afford healthcare.  There is no reason why any American should spend their life as a slave to students or any other such loan. We were granted the right to pursue happiness. It’s time we took a stand.

If we listen to the winds, they are screaming CHANGE the course of history.  We did it once before, we denied listening to the Jewish guy preaching, feed the hungry, heal the sick and shelter the homeless.  It might be time for us to learn from that lesson.


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