A Fractured Party – The Democrats

The Democratic Party’s philosophy of modern liberalism advocates social and economic equality, along with the welfare state. It seeks to provide government regulation in the economy to promote the public interest.

Semantic debates fracture stability on purpose.  It is for control to get those in favor of fair to be running on ice.  No more is this true than in the Democratic Party. Progressive vs Centrist Democrats: the mission statement makes it very clear what they believe in, whose best interests they have at heart and how to accomplish it.  So from now on, I am a Democrat.

Those at the center you have been kicked to the other side.  Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Tom Perez, you and your millions can help you regroup and reform and build again.  This is my party. This is the party of the people, for the people and by the people. You don’t seem to understand that. Let me be clear, you are kicked out of the party you claim to control.  You are ejected from the game. You have been figuratively removed from office by one of the only true Democrats still in the game and his Democratic followers. We will be elated when we vote, elect and swear in Bernie Sanders as our next president.

We will no longer accept the label of Progressive.  We reject it like we reject you. We will no longer spin our wheels thinking about a third party just because of you. We are Democrats and we are in control.  

We follow and believe in the mission as stated above.  People should be economically equal. This translates to a living wage and medical care for all. No we will not accept any less, we believe in the tenet. And yes corporations and billionaires will be under fire.  They are not the government, in the United States of America the people have control. Superpacs and who they support can switch parties and do their thing but Democracy is what we Democrats are fighting for, not your corporate sponsors and fancy things.

So we will wipe out student debt and tax the corporations and billionaire class for the loan that they just took out.  We will give every human in need a living wage and an education worthy of helping them to pursue happiness. We will not entertain any candidate again with a shady past looking only at those who have been with us through the fight.

Now, mistakes have been made and lessons learned and we will give voters the choice, are you a Democrat or a fractured centrist republican democrat still searching for a candidate while trying to change the rules to meet your needs?  I am a Democrat and behind Bernie Sanders I stand for him and his policies align with what the Democratic party has sold to this land.

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