What’s in the Job Title

Big red stop button — Stock Photo © newartgraphics #35875613

 Two buttons.  The panic button and the stop button.  Today, for a minute, I am hitting the Stop one.  Why? It’s Sunday maybe and it’s the day of rest for me or maybe I need a break  from the doom and gloom of Coronavirus and Trump’s Pandemic.  

So I am hitting Stop to reflect for a few on not where we are going but on how we got here and why.  I am also taking Trump out of the equation. He is too easy to put all the blame and to scapegoat as the only villain.

What’s in the job title?

American Politician:  A person elected by the people who swears an oath to uphold the Constitution, the liberties it bestows and to protect the people who elected them otherwise known as constituents.  I will come back to this later. Politicians are at the top of the ladder. I will start at the figurative bottom.

Parents are at the bottom, not in value, but as the first contact of a new human to learning about humanity and the moral imperative or Golden rule: Do unto others as you will have done to you.  Treat your neighbors like you want to be treated. Don’t be a selfish prick. Don’t harm my mom and I won’t harm yours. Clearly this lesson has been missed by many but there is still hope.  

Parents, want to know if you are good at your job?  Simple litmus test. Two questions. Do your kids know how to tie their shoes?  Does your kid bring a pencil or pen to school? Answer No to either, you have time, fix the problem it’s now identified.

Why is being able to tie your own shoes important?  It demonstrates to the teachers and the world that your child is hitting age appropriate markers and that they will fit into society.  Bringing a pen or pencil, demonstrates your child’s ability to be prepared and to be an active participant in society. Fix it now or idiocracy will reign supreme.  I don’t think it is too late.

Teachers are crapped on three ways, paid peanuts and spend more to help others that any billionaire ever has.  Teachers are charged with taking care of the safety of your and the world’s most precious resource. Yet, even though we are highly educated and trained for the profession, every parent thinks they can criticize us and that we are to blame. The admin hires us to do a job and then doesn’t let us simply do it, they tell us how to do it step by step.  And the government fleeces us because they understand that we care about society and our kids almost more that we do ourselves. In other words, most teachers would run into the burning building to save your burning kid or take a bullet even if your kid is the school bully and a zero student.  

Some of you might not see the problem of this.  That’s okay. Let me explain a bit further. If kids grow up unchecked they become highly functioning sociopaths in best case scenarios like Trump, Massey, the Clintons, Epstein, Weinstein and more.  People that look out only for number one. Worst case scenario they become incarcerated and wards of the state. Teachers know this.  

Third grade reading scores are the predictor of how many jail beds will be needed when that generation comes of age.  Yet, we are told to put on a smile and coddle parents in lieu of the fact that they are failing at their job.

So this is a bottom up problem that leads to the now which is a time with too many foxes in the henhouse and us farmers cannot tell the difference because they are all in disguise so that we don’t know who is who.  This is by design. 

Coronavirus is the equivalent of the Tour de France for cyclists, the Nobel prize for scientists, the Superbowl for football players, Broadway for actors, and the Moon for astronauts.  It is the moment that all politicians and leaders dream of. It’s the moment to be the hero for the people.  

Unfortunately from my view, it looks a lot like the feds and those at the top are treating Coronavirus as business as usual.  That’s the outcome of allowing sociopaths to lead. When they are needed to, they are incapable of it. They only know how to look out for number one.  

Seems like there are only a few chickens still in the fight for the people and only one who is able to be elected as the top man in Command.  That is Bernie Sanders, the man with the Help the Most People and Maintain What it Means to be an American Plan.

I will leave you with this.  Blame is another form of denial.  It is time to stop blaming because if there ever was a moment of truth for our Republic, this is it.  This is not only the Superbowl of politics for the politicians; it is also the Superbowl of the people and you would be best served if you were on the field not on the sidelines waiting to be called into play.

American Politician:  An elected official who swears to uphold the Constitution, the liberties it bestows and to protect those people who elect them called constituents.

American Constituents:  citizens of America who use their vote and other powers like peaceful protests, strikes, social media blitzes, sit ins and any other means possible to ensure that those they elect uphold the Constitution, bestow the liberties and protect them during times of crisis.  This is one of those times. If we do not band together, it is our FREEDOM that we give up not theirs. Best to choose wisely.



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