Trump’s Pandemic

Trump’s pandemic was discovered in the Wuhan province of China and is believed to have originated at Jamaica Hospital on June 14, 1946.  It lay dormant for many years until becoming active in the 1980s. Now the Trump Pandemic is fatal to those countries with the disease.

I use these words in jest but in some ways Trump is to Coronavirus what Aids is to HIV.  Coronavirus is not to be trifled with and some will succumb to it. That is a fact. But many, with proper care and medicine, will not like those diagnosed with HIV.  It sucks but it is manageable. Aids however is not. It is a terminal disease that causes death.

Anyone who has had a huge speed bump in their life has probably also had a moment of blame.  That moment in which fault lies in the hands of someone or something else. Many blame god or the economy or other people instead of owning and taking responsibility for themselves.  I sure have and any one connected to any recovery program has as well.

One of the problems of being American is that we connect it to a constructed theory, designed by corporations to take our dollars, labelled the American Dream.  It’s a false reality. On the positive happy side it is the idea of living in a big house with a fancy car and up to date technology. On the negative side it is wanting things we do not need and cannot afford.  Net gain in life, zero. We work and pray and hope that the future will be a nice retirement and an easy life.

Well, if I am the first to tell you, sorry, that’s not happening. That dream has never been a reality and those that believe it or think they have achieved it, you do so at the peril of others.

When our nation was founded, the idea was simple.  We are being unfairly taxed by Kings across the pond and have to follow their prescribed rules. We didn’t like that so we fought a war against it and won.  Yay! The birth of our nation.

We built a railroad across the country and mapped the lands and parceled it out.  To those who were already “Americans” it was easy taking. This type of first come first serve system was the beginning of modern day capitalism and in some ways allowed for perfect conditions and environment for Trump’s Pandemic to fester.

There is no laughing off an HIV diagnosis.  You deny it. You hate it. You blame it. Then you accept it.  Then you look to science to learn how to manage it and make it dormant again. The Trump Pandemic is just that.  Some of us are in the blame and hate stage. I think those are people behind Bernie Sanders and his policy plans.  Those who still believe in Trump or Biden, I imagine, I am not you, that you are still stuck in denial and have yet to hit bottom.

Step 1:  We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.

Step 1:  I admit that I am powerless over Coronavirus and that my life has become unmanageable because of it.  I understand that I have no control over the disease itself. I cannot deny that it exists and that it is causing me pain.

Step 2:  We came to be aware that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Step 2:  I believe in a power greater than myself.  I find that in finding hope in the work of others and in trying to spread that hope to others in need of some.  I cannot cure myself, I need a power greater than myself to do it. Some call it God. Some call it science. Either works.

Step 3:  Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him

Step 3:  I cannot change the now.  Today, I am in shelter in place. Three words I did not know you could put together but my hope is that it is part of a master plan like the evolution of the virus when it makes the leap to man.  I cannot change it. I can only have faith that in doing my best to survive and to help others do the same, more good will be done than harm.

If I could turn back time with what I know now, I would have done everything in my power to stop those who currently control power to get elected.  My degree would be different and my resume would certainly not be the same. But I cannot, I can only move forward with resolve and determination that my voice among many can unite together to be the voice of change and logic and a belief in science to end the Trump Pandemic. 



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