Young Guns 2020: The Trump Boy vs The Regulators

Dear Maga and GOP,

We need your help today and if you understand the lesson, you will see why.  Please read on. Yes, Bernie Sanders is a Socialist Democrat. I will give you that.  So is France and I like France a lot in fact. Their food, their culture, their people’s willingness and ability to stand up and strike to make sure that their future and livelihoods are maintained.  I respect that. I hope you do too.

Now, many of us over here on Bernie’s side of the fence have had members of your groups say things like ‘I ain’t voting for him, he’s a communist’ and other less tasteful and crude comments.  I understand where your fear comes from. I grew up in the 80s during the Cold War. I saw Firefox, Rocky, Wargames, The Hunt for Red October and Red Dawn. It was hard wired into us that the Americans are the good guys and the communist Russians are the bad guys.  

Rocky Balboa: If I Can Change, you can Change. EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!

I am not looking to tell you what to do.  I am hoping to get you to think about a few things differently and then either ask questions for more information, disagree or agree with me and join the fight.  

I agree with you.  I do not want to live in a Communist country under a communist regime.  In that respect we are the same. But what is communism? Simply, it is when the corporations are owned by the government and the people have very few if not any rights and freedoms.  I am not interested in living like that.

But, you knew there would be a but, eventually.  What is the difference between Communism and Capitalism.  The only difference I can ascertain is that the roles are reversed and the Corporations own the Government.  Why else would the biggest corporations and the most money not have to pay taxes? Why else would they not be called upon in this time of need to pay into the system to help the system.

2,000,0000,000,000.00 is an unfathomable amount of money.  The irony is that that money is created using our taxes. So Trump just spent 2 trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars to save the Corporations that own the government.  It may be a little simplistic but you get the point.  

Imagine instead, that money was given to the citizens in equal amounts to spend as needed in this horrific time.  What would people do? They would spend it at retailers in order to survive and those retailers in many cases are corporate owned.  The money would flow upstream and those corporations that succeeded would be the ones that the people shopped at.

Young Guns is still one of my favorite films.  I am a fan of Billy the Kid. Why? He’s the hero avenging the death of his mentor.   Think of Tunstall as Democratic Capitalism and Murphy as Corporate Capitalism. Which do you prefer?

John Tunstall: I have made a long, steamship journey from London, Mr. Murphy, so I shall be damned if I am persuaded by something as ugly as political corruption. So, I’d like for you to take your threats and your sheriff and get off my property.

I am a risk taker.  I have surfed big waves, run up and down mountains and ridden motorcycles at speed without a helmet.  Death comes to all but I like to hedge my bets. I don’t want to die even though I know I will and there are very few things I would die for.  I guess in truth, just one, my family and their way of life which includes you.

I could give a rats ass if a building collapses or the dow drops but I would run into the burning building to save those crying for help.  That’s what the hero does and in us, we are all a little bit a hero. At least that’s my hope.

I am not a fan of guns but it certainly comes up on your side, the need of the second amendment.  I ask you then, why is it there? To scare your neighbor? To kill a deer with an AR-15? Or to protect your family?  I would think the latter. So who is in your family? I would die to protect my mother. That is how I was raised. I do not think she should die to protect Corporate interests and the economy.  You may want to rethink why that gun is so important to you.

Socialism is simple when you break it down and separate it from Communism.  Make sure the people’s needs are taken care of. I think that is a fair deal.  I also like the idea of Capitalism when you separate it from Corporations. You have a feed store and I have a feed store.  We can compete for business and maybe one succeeds and one fails, both fail or both succeed. That’s the gamble of capitalism.  Now I have a Feed store that is family owned vs a Feed store owned by a Corporation that is too big to fail.

Many of the happiest people I have ever known live simply. They do not care about the new TV or car.  They live within their means and put family first. They eat together, laugh together and cry together.  Most of the time there are young and middle and old all mucking it up. That’s the marrow of life. Love.  People survive and sometimes nations fall. In the end, as long as you have family, you are rich.

Trump is putting all of our families in the cross hairs of his inability to think past profits.  He is a man that has no love either going in or out. I would feel bad for him but he has threatened my family, the people that I would gladly give my life for by not doing his job.  

So GOP and Maga fans, are you willing to die for Ford, Apple, Wal-Mart and Amazon?  I am not. I am willing to die helping those who work there keep their freedoms but it’s a fool’s folly to fight for a brand.  That is the American way.

Hope you understand my lesson and you are willing to join us and get Bernie Sanders into the White House to end the corporate owned government.

Thanks and keep your distance

Thanks and stay safe and away from others.


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