Hurricane Katrina II and the Broken Levy

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Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating events in US History not because of the storm but because how easily it could have been prevented.  Today, Hurricane Katrina 2 has already started to gain steam and head to our shores yet the fat cats still argue about the cure.

On August 29, 2005 HK devastated the south.  Hardest hit was New Orleans and Louisiana. About 1800 died and millions were left homeless.  

A hurricane is a noun.  It is what it is and we rely on this information to help us to predict, in this case, what we need and how to survive it.  In other words, the truth because the truth is an agreed common idea which inturn is a fact and leads to a common definition.  This is the noun reference. A bicycle is a two wheeled self propelled vehicle. That is the definition. No debate yet we do. I will get to that more in a minute.

What made HK so devastating was not the storm, it was the officials in power who were responsible for the management, care, and maintenance of the levy surrounding the city.  It was a known fact that the levy would not hold if a hurricane hit New Orleans directly. HK did. The levy broke. Many people died not because of the hurricane but because of the actions of the elected officials with whom we trust our lives. 

Hurricane Katrina 2 is slowly rolling over our shores.  The levy is the legislation that needs to be passed in order to not have hundreds of thousands dead and millions struggling to survive.  HK was fast moving. HK2 is not. It is happening in real time in slow motion. At a snail pace as it were.

  • Noun: Person, place thing or idea
  • Politician:  person interested in governing people
  • Democracy:  a form of government in which the people elect the     politicians who will govern them, protect them and keep them safe.

President Donald Trump is not meeting expectations as a politician and to be frank, from a bird’s eye view, neither are the lot of them.  It looks like, from a global perspective, that only Bernie Sanders and the Goon squad are number one acting as politicians with the care of the people in their mind and two, trying to enforce the levy so it will not break.

If you have read this far, you are either for or against what I am saying.  I hope more of you are against it because I hope to be able to convince you otherwise.

  • Tax: Mandatory contribution to government.  Examples: Sales and Income Tax

We, the people, pay taxes for working and on the goods we buy.  Those taxes are a contract that is binding. All the money is collected and divided out.  Some to education, some to social programs, some to infrastructure but most of it is spent on the defense budget.  In fact that amount is close to a trillion dollars.

When we elected Trump to office, we were hoodwinked.  He, if nothing else, is a tremendously good liar and salesperson.  He is great at it. Sales has a simple strategy. Get to know your customer.  Meet their needs. Trump is like that. He is always selling but only to the person in front of him.  He can’t think past the high one gets from the sale.  

Trump is only and will only ever be a salesperson.  He is not a politician even though he is in an elected position.  He is nothing but a fraud. A charleton as it were unfortunately it seems he is among friends.

While our politicians play political poker with our lives as HK2 brews in the distance, other leaders worldwide are heeding the advice and the science behind it, to prepare their countries for the damage and destruction that HK2 will leave in her wake.  In Turkey for example, no one above 65 is allowed out, COV tests have been ordered and delivered from China and are readily available at a nominal charge, the private hospitals are now public, tea shops and bars are closed and only stores that need to be open are and operate on a shortened schedule.  In other words, the hatches have been closed, the windows have been boarded and the furniture has been brought inside.

Two Primary Problems:

  1. A trillion dollars, 1,000,000,000,000.00, of our tax dollars are used for our defense budget.  Defense, to me, is preparing for wars that will eventually happen. Just like HK2, history repeats itself. 
    1. Questions for you?
      1. What did our elected officials do with the money? 
      2. Did they not really plan for a war?  
      3. Don’t wars have casualties both foreign and domestic that need medical care?  
      4. Isn’t that what medics are for?
      5. Are you accepting that the federal government forgot to order surgical masks and gloves?
  2. Donald Trump
    1. He is not listening to his advisers like Dr Fauci
    2. He is not listening to Science
    3. He is not acting in the best interest of the Citizens he was elected to protect
    4. He is profiteering off of his people during a Global Pandemic

Solution is to remove him from office immediately, strip him from his command.  It is clear that he is not upholding the Constitution and the rights of its people.  He is steering the ship towards the iceberg that is not hidden in the fog. He is not acting in the best interest of the Citizens of the USA, the global population, Mother Earth or humanity and for this he needs to step down and leave the helm immediately.

We, the people, are in need of a hero.  Someone who speaks the Honest Truth not the bendy kind, and illustrates clearly that those with whom we have entrusted our lives are failing to do their job and act accordingly. Selling stocks and getting tests and ICUs for themselves are not the type of leaders we want or deserve.   What can I do to help?


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