Unity and the Path to Victory

Election 2020 has been about two things.  One was the DNC and GOP uniting to stop Bernie. The second was a hostile takeover from rule by the people to rule by the few.  From Democracy back to an aristocracy and fascist regime.

A money grab has never been important to the people at the top. For them it’s and always will be only about power. They are addicts and want more. We, the people, are the path now. They already own our homes and our cars.

We pay into their system for school, food, health, entertainment and more. In some ways they have already won.

Can we prevent a return to feudalism? Yes I think but as Eminem would say, we have one shot. And that opportunity is now and will not be presented again.

The rub is that the path back is difficult and the learning curve needs to be fast. It’s simple. Those in the bottom 75% need to unite.

Sorry but unity is the only path. The GOP and the DNC has showed us that. They have made a truce to win and to those who think it would have been different with Hillary, think again. The simmer would have just been on lower. She is not as clumsy as Trump.

So what is Unity? Unity is putting aside our differences to come together for a common cause.  We simply need to put community over self for the time being.  This is not a problem of color, creed, gender or sex. This is a war and what is at stake is our freedom. So Maga and Democrats and Greens and Christians and Jews and Muslims and Blacks and Whites and Native Americans and Hispanics need to stand side by side, arm to arm to win this war.

Coronavirus was the bump in the road for the opposition.  What is playing out is playing out on a world stage and if we work hard we will prevail.

Those at the top, they are bored. They are tired of listening to our whine for change and trying to smile and promise it.  They know they will never deliver. Why should they? In their eyes we are irrelevant, expendable and replaceable.

Don’t believe me? Look at the world stage. Leaders having the easiest time are the ones with full authoritarian control.  Trump, Clinton, McConnell and Pelosi don’t loath the leaders of Russia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and more. They aspire to be like them.

Look at the facts. The armed forces motto is for God, for country. The self is not the focus. It’s why Pete and Tulsi were so crucial. They looked like they were part of the LGBTQ and Feminist community. They never were. They were bought and sold the day the enlisted.

We are in the End Game. This power grab was put in place I reckon in 1980 when we put an actor in office instead of a diplomat.

Think of it like we are all lobsters. When you cook a lobster there are two choices, one slow heat to a boil and the lobster accepts its fate. The other, it can sense the hot water, and screams as it dies.  Coronavirus knocked the dial to high. We can feel the heat now.

I can tell you this. I do not want to be a slave and when it became clear that Trump was playing golf while a biological agent spread across our nation, he put my mom in the cross hairs. I am mad.

I will also tell you this, Maga, we know one of the most important things to you is the second amendment. How about this? You support Medical care for all and we won’t touch the 2nd. If mental health care is free and people are using it, then I wouldn’t care if my neighbor had an Abrams tank if I knew their mental health was fair.

Now upwards and onwards towards the solution. This ere will be known as the age of innovation. Innovation is simply taking the tried and true and making it a bit better. Like the Swiss army knife or cell phone of today. They are essentially the same thing, multi purpose tools.

Edward Bulwer-Litton wrote the pen is mightier than the sword. I agree and now we will innovate it to say, social media is mightier than the sword.

The path to victory is through unity. Today, right now we need to make two messages clear. One, that we are at war, the people of the USA and the foe against Democracy is domestic. Two, that the easiest road to victory is to unite behind Senator Sanders and get him elected into office.

Also, can we get him a secret service detail? I think he may need it.


One response to “Unity and the Path to Victory”

  1. Very well written…. let’s hope that someone listens!


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