Chess: The Truth vs The Honest Truth

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Today we are at war in multiple arenas and on many fronts.  I do not want to lose this war. It is a war between the bendy Truth vs the Honest Truth. I apologize in advance for being a silent player for too long; unless I am silenced, it will not happen again.

Chess was the first strategy game and all other games are just a simpler or more complicated or more colorful version of chess.  Like the wheel it has gone relatively unchanged since it was invented about 1500 years ago.  

It is a relatively simple game with a beginning, middle and end with short and long game strategies to win.  Think about the movie Now You See me, Now You Don’t. Don’t know the movie, watch it. You have time. You need to know the story.  Basically, the master chess player and/or magician both have short and long game plays running simultaneously. Because of this, those watching can be easily duped.

Folks.  We are in the fight for our freedom and our ability to pursue happiness.  We are up against the side that has been winning throughout history. The side of the bendy Truth.  Confused? Good. Read on.

The side of bendy Truth has only one strategy; Win at All Costs using any measure possible.  Cheat, lie, kill, placate, smile, dance, laugh and do whatever it takes to win. The bad news is that they also plan, organize, manipulate, sell, search and create their reality in a way that most cannot see until it is too late and checkmate is upon you.  Two masters of the bendy truth are Donald Trump and Lance Armstrong. Pick one and think about it and try to connect the dots.


Hope springs eternal means that humans will try to find optimism even through dire straits.  Two days ago, I had none. Today, I am filled with a mixture of hope and rage. I am angry. I am angry at myself for not joining the fight sooner and not seeing the mistake earlier, but I think we still have time on our side.

“The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.” Sun Tzu

Opportunity does not strike twice but that time is upon us.  COV-19 is the unforeseen variable or the Butterfly as it were.  It is causing ripples in the fabric of modern society creating an opportunity for systemic change and it making our opponent make mistakes which I hope will allow us to win.

Who are we?  We are the Honest Truth. We are Dorothy, the Tin Men, the Scarecrows, the Lions and the Munchkins.  We believe that the world is not rigged. That Oz is still real. COV-19 is Toto. The curtain has been pulled back.  Now it is our choice whether or not to see.

Question:  Is universal healthcare, a living wage, public higher education, legalized marijuana and retirement things that you want in your future and the future of your neighbors and your loved ones?  They are to me and that is why I think it is time to stand strong and help others to See behind the curtain and fight like our lives depend on it to get Senator Sanders elected president and to make sure that his predecessor has been properly vetted before he goes in 2024 or 2028.

The 2020 Democratic primaries had the most diverse group of candidates running that we have ever seen.  The Truth hedges their bets. They planned and planned very well. They found the price of each candidate and spun a masterful web of deceit and lies.  I tip my hat to them. They are in the Long game and they are freaking good.

How can a field of women, POC, a gay, a Jew and one old crony be narrowed down to the one old crony?  The game was rigged from the start. From day 1 of Trump’s administration the pawns were lined up and the rooks and knights and castles sat stationary in the back waiting to be used one by one until Checkmate.

Think about it. Old Joe was in the race as a last possible measure if needed to win the game against Sanders.  Bernie being elected is Dorothy racing over to pull back the curtain. If that happens, Truth prevails. It’s a risky game.  

Why do you ask?  Simple. The Truth is the world’s pyramid power scheme.  Their strategy is simple. What would you give for security for your family until the curtain is pulled back?  BTW, aside, we have been playing this game for 100 years and are still winning. One in 100 million people would answer any other way than, “Okay. Cool. Sign me up.”  It is almost basic human nature to want more. Very few would ask, “What about my neighbors?” Bernie is one.

No other explanation that I can see.  A gay man against medicare for all goes against the HIV community which is compromised of mostly gays.  Women throwing their support for a known misogynist. Unexplainable unless they were already bought and sold.  People of color supporting a racist. Enough said.

COV-19 was the unknown variable that the Truth could not plan for.  It was and continues to be the Perfect Storm at the Perfect Time.  

Behind the curtain?  We only caught a glimpse, a shadow really.  It was the King hiding behind the curtain like he or she has done for 5000 years.  This is the long game of power. This is above nation, race, gender. This is the monster lurking in the depths.  We have no idea who or what it is. We just know it as the Truth. The players who win by any measure.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized – Sun Tzu

The Truth dances.  They Waltz usually at arms length staring down at each other to give us the illusion that there are two dancers.  Like the Knights, up two over three. At the center of the board they are the most dangerous piece on the board. Up close, the pawn kills the knight. 

The bipartisan system is the Truth Waltzing.  Democrats on one side of the floor staring across at their equal, the Republicans.  COV-19 was the banana on the floor or the stick in the road, the Truth tripped and when they stood up resumed like nothing had happened.  Yet it did and we saw. Player Pelosi moved Right and Trump moved Left showing their hidden backroom alliance and agreement. They are the same. 

COV-19 also tripped the economy.  Players made mistakes, which for the Honest Truth, is good.  We saw it. How do we know this? Thanks to the move by Pawn Barr for sharing insider information about the economy to others.  We have audio proof.

That was a bad move.  A lazy move by a player who thought no one would see but the Wicked Witch is circling and the Munchkins are even on high alert.  They saw the move too.  

The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. – Sun Tzu

Make no mistakes, we are in the end game.  The Queen is at play and she looks like she might get taken.  Now is not the time to rest on our laurels which is why we have Hope.  We need to rally the troops and secure the Truth a victory by electing the only man in politics who seems to be on our side.


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