Finding Hubris

Hubris in the modern day is when we think we know better than those who have gone before us.  Our way or the highway. And this is no more evident than in the Democratic party and how their nomination cycle loops.

Take Bill Clinton.  Like him or not, he was the first person to utilize modern day media in the form of MTV to get the youth to vote.  He was widely popular and connected with a broad voter base.

Al Gore should have been an easy successor after the success of Clinton but he couldn’t get the populous to connect that he had been an integral part of Clinton’s success.  Instead, he distanced himself physically and in policy just far enough for voters to understand that he had been nothing but a third string player sitting on the bench.

Then we got to 2008.  There must have been marital problems in the Clinton home at this time.  Either that or Hillary’s ego was so far inflated at the time that she was unable to connect the dots.  For her to win, she needed to be more like or at least deemed a part of the success of Clinton. Instead, again, she distanced herself from him believing that she would be elected because she was a woman.  

Expecting that this work was naive and egotistical.  To think all women would vote for her based on her gender was her Achilles Heel.  She thought. Her staff supported it. She sold it. It failed while Obama took to social media and seemed to learn from the prior Clinton admin that the youthful vote would make a difference.  His campaign followed in the path of Bill. Obama became a rock star politician against Hillary’s I am a woman vote for me campaign because I am great. 1. 

In 2016 she still hasn’t learned from her mistake.  Unfortunately, Biden had a familial crisis and was unable to run and we landed Happy Gilmore as president.  Literally, a never before politician besting the best both sides to offer. Whewf. While Clinton undermined Bernie and his connection to a real voting base as opposed to political insiders and already staunch followers.

Now, in 2020 we are back and seeing the hubris of each candidate loud and clear.  Warren and Amy think it’s time for a woman president. So do I but both would be better fits for different jobs.  Warren the Secretary of Education and Amy the HUD Sec. Pete doesn’t understand history or circles.  Nothing being said is new or revolutionary, candidates are just looking at what worked historically and repeating it.  His platform is the Status Quo.  Steyer is a wallflower.  And Biden looks either like a deer in the headlights or a man counting the days until retirement.  He could be the hero like Murdoch in the Lethal Weapon series but I can just hear in his voice repeating over and over, “I’m too old for this shit”

This leaves us with double Bs.  Another status quo vs  the voice of change.  There just simply isn’t any contest.  Change is needed so let’s get on with it.

I do, however, believe the presidency should be filled by the best person for the job, not the politically correct or the most popular one. Which brings me to Bernie.  At this moment his hubris is hiding. Some might say it’s his voice. I would not. It may be that he has just been in the game for too long.  I don’t know.  I am just praying that his hubris is not the same as McCain.  

McCain probably would have been president if he had not picked the train wreck and her family as his running mate.  However that unfolded was unfortunate for him and his legacy.

Bernie should take notice of this and not follow suit.  His VP will be the deciding factor of 2020. Not who votes and what will change and what will not.  Life is short and fleeting. We are all guaranteed to die. Past 80, it’s all gravy. Electing someone that might not make it through the full meal has its risks.  He needs to understand, accept and prepare is all.

I can go back in history and find many strong and successful women throughout and I believe fully that a woman can and someday will make a great president.  However, I do not see the presidency as a glass ceiling job. I think it is and may be the only job in which we need to focus on electing the best person for the job or at least trying to regardless of gender, sexuality or race.  


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