Mar a Lago Nights: The Ballad of Bernie Sanders

I like to make connections.  I find it easy and fun, and sometimes I am on the money and sometimes I am not.  Usually, even though my ideas can be out in left field, some truth can be found in them. 

Unlike most liberals and Democrats in 2016, I was not surprised that Trump won.  I was probably less surprised than he was. Do I like that he won? I don’t spend time there.  I spend more time connecting the dots of how and why it happened and trying to uncover ways of not letting it happen again.  I don’t spend much time wondering why things are broken; I spend more time thinking about how to fix them.

In 1980, we elected our first non diplomacy policy driven politician to the presidency and have followed suit in every election since.  If most us are munchkins, then the argument stands that the person with the most entertainment value would win the presidency and that is what has happened each time since, Oz won.

Of course there are other things happening simultaneously.  Hillary and her campaign of believing that all people working for her liked her.  Of course that’s the narrative they publicly showed but at the polls, it didn’t matter.  Hence, Obama and Trump winning the presidency.

I am all for a woman president and believe it will happen when the best candidate runs at the right time.  Hillary was not that. She was always unelectable believing that the voices around her spoke the truth. Does a slave or peasant bad mouth the owner or king?  No.

So, here we are.  2020 and in media res.  In the thick of things so to speak.  Trump is president and has the GOP nomination while the democrats run around the room with their hair on fire.

It was clear in 2016 who the left wanted for the Democratic nomination and it wasn’t Hillary.  Bernie Sanders was the number one choice of the people and I think the media played it parts to the T making it seem like eventually he would win so that many stayed home instead of going to the polls.  Here we are in 2020 and we have learned from our mistakes.   

The media may try to paint a different picture of who is in the lead but the Democrats will Strike Back.  Not the establishment, who are happy cats with easy jobs and no accountability, but the hard working blue collar middle and lower class that make up the majority of the population of the USA.  Sanders is and will continue to be the choice of the American people including Donald Trump.

Remember Trump before 2016.  He was a happy guy. He had a hot wife who he could cheat on, played golf at will, had buildings built with his name on them and Diane Sawyer loved him as a guest.

Fast forward:  He is impeached.  The world wants to give his wife a voice.  His staff doesn’t like him enough to help him cheat.  And he can only play golf once a week. Oh, and the marquis are being pulled down or are starting to chip.  

So what does Trump want?  He wants to play the part of Jean Girard to Sanders, Ricky Bobby.  He wants to be beaten by someone who deserves to beat him so he can still walk away feeling Trumpian.

Biden will be a deer in the headlights.  Trump will chew him up and spit him out. His brain simply works faster.

With Warren or any other women candidate, there will be another pussygate.  I don’t know how it will happen but Trump will win by having them backpedal on whether or not they have one.  At least that will be a big part of the show. 

Pete will start the race too fast and burn out.  He will pull the typical novice first marathon mistake of going out too hard.

And Bloomberg.  Come on, he is already a caricature.  Mini Mike is what Trump calls him to his face.  Stadiums of people shouting Mini Mike or Me? No contest.

He needs to face a worthy opponent, another loud outlier with the volume at ten and that is Bernie Sanders.  He is for the people, for the good of the nation and designed for the beating of Trump.  

So this time around let’s learn from Talladega Nights and give the win to Bernie Sanders, at least this round and make sure he picks a Cal Naughton Jr.  that can SHAKE AND BAKE!!


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