Headline: Read All About It: Trump Wins 2020 Election Even Though He Loses

Even when Trump loses he wins.




Ultimately this is how he won the 2016 election.  He took the worst that others could throw at him and turned it into a win.  He is a master spinster and manipulator, but I think he is far from being the worst or best depending on your point of view.

For hundreds of years members only clubs have existed.  They go back as far as Ancient Greece. Who were and who are members of these clubs still have allure and mystery to them like the Skull and Crossbones and the Illuminati.  

One club is not a secret, but I imagine their doings are; the Billionaire Club.  These are the group of men and women worldwide who represent the 0.01% and the ruling class of the world.  Their membership has one criteria and members will do anything they can to remain members and help other members continue their membership.  They do not want a Guy Fawkes or a Benedict Arnold to fall from their graces. So once a member, always a member.

To me, it is no surprise that Bloomberg entered the race for the presidency in 2020.  It was simple cause and effect. When Bidens’ chances slipped to unrealistic to win, the billionaire club lost its control on the outcome and needed a viable solution.  Pete Buttigieg, their second inline, was also not cutting the mustard.

So the Ozes of the world, as I like to call them, came up with a strategy that will work in most of the outcomes.  They put one of their own in the running entering Bloomberg and his billions into the fray.  

Outcome 1:  Trump wins. Status quo of Tab Cola and a Magician’s Politics and the Superbowl of Soap Operas.  The dance will continue with new and old players and the same wool over the eyes of the populace that has lasted for so long.   Trump is not held accountable for any of his actions.

Outcome 2:  Bloomberg Wins.  A club member takes over and one of his first orders of business will be to exonerate Trump for any improprieties he may have done.  Trump wins again not having to take responsibility for his actions and the club continues as is taking care of its members.

Outcome 3:  Bernie wins.  Trump is held accountable for his actions.  He sings like a bird and opens the curtain on the Ozes of the world revealing the truth.  This would be bad for the club and its members so it will do all it can to stop it.

Remember this:  Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Today, money equals power. Those with it will not give it up without a fight.  Bernie represents the beginning of that fight.

In my opinion, if we were moving in the right direction for humanity and the dream of an utopian society, the billionaire club would not exist.  They simply would use their wealth to ensure that the world was a better place for more: call it philanthropy, call it giving Alms or just doing the right thing.  

The facts stand.  There are people who are in need and there are people who can meet those needs.  They have a lot of power to do a lot of good but instead are sitting on their haunches behind the curtain.  To think or do otherwise goes against the building blocks of our nation which is what we are losing as we speak.  We are losing it to opiods, ignorance and idiocracy. 

It’s time to stand together to rebuild the beautiful old home with the shaky foundation instead of leveling it to make another Wal-Mart or strip mall.  In the end the latter only helps the few. We need to make sure that the choices we make now will do the most amount of good for the many not just the few.  


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