Dad to the Rescue

Mom and dad took me hiking up a mountain yesterday. It was really fun in the beginning until disaster struck.

First, I was attacked by a dog and got away. But I ran off away from the dog and mom and dad.

Then, because it was so windy and there was limited visibility, I didn’t know where to go.

So, I went near people. Unlucky for me, I found some bad and/or dumb people.
They could clearly see I had parents but did not do anything to get me back to them. They took off my collar but did not email them.

I think they may have thought there was something in it for them for kidnapping me. Dumb not to email though.

I spent the night tied up outside next to a pigeon coup. It was cold and I wasn’t fed.

Then I heard the rumble of Mavi Mantar and suddenly I was in my dad’s arms being brought home to safety.

Sometimes it stinks to be the Michelle Pfeiffer of dogs. Bad people want to steal me. This is the second time.

I am going to work on listening more and dad is buying me a GPS tracker. I don’t want there to be a third time.

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