The Chained Cycle Period

In Science class when I was younger, I was taught about the food chain and pyramid.  A chain is a rope of sorts. It has a beginning and an end. A pyramid is a triangle with a clear top.  This is a fact. It is not arguable. 

However, whoever coined the idea that this is how things work was a blimy idiot.  There is no food chain or pyramid to be at the end or top of. Dumb people might want to think so because it boosts their ego and increases their level of importance in the world but it is without a doubt a fool’s hope.

Life is one big cycle with lots of big and small cycles happening simultaneously around us.  Examples range from big to small. Whether we look at the menstrual cycle of women to the year long cycle that the Earth makes around the sun. (Flat earthers SourceProve yourself before you chime in) These happen and are happening right now.

Let’s use the metaphor of Mother Earth.  We made her feminine because we were keenly aware that she was part of the cycle of things.  The fact that we didn’t maintain this knowledge is preposterous but in the end death is truly the only given in life.

Which brings me to the cycle of life.  Man is not at the top of the food chain.  He is just a small part of it. If we really look at who is the toughest it would be viruses.  Sars, HIV and now Corona are just examples. But as a student of logic, I don’t see why any of this is such a surprise.

Life is a balancing act at the microcosm and macrocosm level.  It is fleeting; it is also super fun and not to be wasted. But it seems like we lost our ability to predict.  It should be no surprise that something small, invisible in fact has become and will continue to be our worst adversary.  Simply we have refrained from listening to lessons of how to win.

The ecosystem is fragile yet resilient.  It will do what it needs to do to ensure its survival.  We need it to exist. It does not need us to exist. We would be smart to remember this and heed the warning.  

As the temperature rises and the ice caps melt, living things will adapt and change in order to survive.  Mammals will be the supreme losers of this game, all mammals including home-sapiens. The flora and the fauna will just move on as they do and our contribution to time and history will become nothing more than dust in the wind.

So maybe the hubris of the human animal is to repeat history instead of learning from it and if so, maybe that’s the period we are entering.  One in which we have forgotten the lessons of our ancestors in lieu of doing what feels good in the now.


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