Superbowl of Soap Operas

When we view life from the view of how we perceive it to be rather than how it is, our decision making becomes skewed at best.  Sometimes it is good to ride to the skies and soar like a bird to get a bird’s eye view of how things really are as opposed to how we want them to be.  

I have to learn this lesson regularly even though I know it to be true.  I went so far as to have it tattooed on my arm as a reminder. Life unfolds as it should not how we want it to.  This is the truth of all life. Those who believe in God call it faith. Those who don’t call it nature. It’s as simple as that.

So when we fly and view things from afar, we get a clearer understanding of the how and the why of things.  It’s why today feels like the Superbowl of politics being repeated daily in soap opera from. American politics is no longer about exploring the truth and doing what is in the best interest of the citizens of the USA.  Instead it is about ongoing narratives that explore the personal lives and interpersonal relationships between the cast of characters. It’s why we tune in daily to see what is new not because we believe it to be the news.

If we were interested in the news, we would only be interested in policy and how those policies will change the fabric of our lives. Topics like climate change and medicare would be at the forefront of the political landscape and not topics that are so clearly about choice like abortion and gun ownership.  

But this is not the case and we don’t want it to be.  We love the show. We love tuning in to what happened since we last checked and the only ones who don’t, are clearly not being given their shot and a strong enough voice or power to actuate any true change.

Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to family entertainment since Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather took the stage.  He is one of the main characters of the soap opera named American Politics that we just can’t get enough of. We tune in daily and care about our favorite players like they are our favorite characters from TV.  We all have our favorites and we all love how they work as an ensemble.

In November I really hope for Bernie Sanders to become the next POTUS but I fear that he is too much like Lisa Simpson.  He is likeable but maybe not electable because he plays too much to the beat of his own drum. We prefer the Barts, Homers and Marges of the world.  They make us feel better about ourselves. Our reflection looks clearer and brighter.  

So even though I have hope, I don’t think anyone truly wants the type of change that bringing the adult back in the room would bring.  We like being in our crazy adolescence feeling emboldened to say and do what we please feeling little or no repercussions for our actions. 



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