Tab Cola and a Magician’s Politics

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Wait, nope, that’s not correct. Those who learn history choose to repeat it because it keeps those in the know in the status quo which equates to having more power and wealth.  It’s a simple magic trick really. One hand distracts while the other hand does. Politics seems to be the same.

I understand that I am 1 in 350 million people.  My voice is virtually silent and not important. I have neither power nor money.  I do know for a fact that power corrupts. It is the nature of power. When you have it, you don’t want to relinquish it. 

This is why I think Nancy Pelosi and other powerful Democrats do not want Sanders, Warren or Yang at the helm.  They would simply lose their power. So instead they are doing political magic. Get us, the voters, focused on what is not important so that they can stay in power without looking like they are truly on the side of the opposition.

First, let’s look at Pelosi’s singular behavior of tearing up the State of the Union Address publicly.  Through the lens of the left, it looks like an act of defiance and power. It demonstrates that she is against Trump.  Face value from close up, that is what it looks like. Step back a few steps and it looks more like an angry vindictive action against her nemesis. Step further back, the trick is revealed.  It undermines the Democratic Party and whomever becomes the nominee by supporting the strengths of Trump and his campaign. It is a win for Trump and a failure for anyone going against him.

Secondly, the DNC’s choice of utilizing an unproven app on the eve of one of the most important nights in their history is truly a WTF moment.  Anyone in business or education has had that moment when the technology gods are not working in their favor. You sweat, you heat up and in the end, turn off the technology, make a joke about it and move on.  When it happens on a day that you are relying on it for success, it is pie in the face that is hard if not impossible to remove.

So why on earth would the leadership of the Democratic Party use unproven technology as a means of collecting sensitive data under the lens of worldwide scrutiny on the collection of that very data?  Simple, they wanted it to fail. By failing, those in power stay in power and those who deserve it, stay on the sidelines.

Immediately following the 2016 election it was stated that to win against Trump in 2020 the Democratic Parts, not those running but the party itself, needed to come across as organized and united or they would fail against the GOP.  

Pelosi and the ripping of the SOTUA and the Iowa DNC app fiasco are proof that those in power want to stay in power maintaining the status quo instead of fighting for change.  If this were not the case, the media would clearly be stating loudly, at minimum, that the Iowa Caucus ended in a tie between Sanders and Buttigieg. Since this is clearly not the case, the powership of the DNC wants to push their own agenda and nominee in order to stop change.  

I don’t know why Sanders isn’t the favorite of the DNC but it is clear that he is not.  However, he is the nominee that will get people behind him and off the couch to vote. Buttigieg will be seen as an alternative that was lame from the start.  Think of 2020 like this. It is the fight between Coke and Pepsi yet the DNC wants to force the Dems to back Tab. It’s not a win. Nobody will get out of bed for Tab.


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