Source Prove

The very idea that fact checking facts has become a thing is a clear indicator that we are on a slippery slope and probably headed off the cliff and into the abyss.  Who knows? Maybe the bottom of the abyss is carpeted with marshmallows and the only hardship will be the freefall like the ride at Six Flags. That would be great.

But since the dawn of man, and certainly the dawn of civilization as we know it, man has been on a search for logic and reason with the exception of the Dark Ages which was a time riddled with disease, war, plague, death and repetitive boredom.  The king was the ruler, period. Those that didn’t fall in line met death. Not the time period in history that I would have preferred to be alive during. Now is pretty good minus some individuals and ideas that seem to be gaining momentum.

Starting this February 4th, 2020 I will no longer entertain any argument with any individual over any topic that cannot be sourced by multiple professionals on multiple platforms.  Furthermore, any source connected with Facebook or any other social media outlet will be given the same weight that I give Monty Python’s take on history. Fun to watch and listen to but nothing more.  

This goes for translations as well.  I agree with Sofia Coppola that some things are Lost in Translation.  Maybe not the essence, but certainly some of its legitimacy.   This goes for the Bible.  As a student of logic I understand that the King James Bible is nothing better than a translation of a translation of a dead language.  That’s the best case scenario. That man didn’t tamper with it along the way seems improbable given what man has demonstrated he or she is capable of throughout history.  

The truth exists and should not be defended. It is undefendable. It is the truth.  Yes, people’s truths may vary but I would argue that they only vary at a semantic superficial level and that core principles are rooted in the same tree.  God=Allah=Buddha. Cheese=Fromage=Penir. Same but different.

So I will no longer fact check.  You instead can Source Proven. Creativity is a wonderful thing.  Explore it. Play with it. Write it. Call it what it is, a story, a painting, a movie. Art.  Just don’t call it true or fact until you can source prove it. #sourceprove


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