Lord of the Flies Revisited

Lord of the Flies was required reading when I was in 9th grade.  We all read it in order to learn than there is a need for adults and rules.  In hindsight, it may have been a story written to justify laws and the adults in the room.  I am no longer sure.

In sports when we were children, we were taught not to cheat.  Yet here we are in a time in which the system is government supported cheating is only wrong when it is uncovered. When athletes like Lance Armstrong still have a voice and people still listen instead of giving him nothing but silence and a cold shoulder.

Politics is no different.  We are taught that the strength of a democracy comes from the fact that the people elect the leaders who will do what is in the best interest of their constituents regardless of red tape, ego and success.  Today, politicians are career egoists whose primary goal is seemingly to push their own agenda regardless of the positive or negative effect they have on their constituents. 

Not even in the arena of something as simple as capitalism are things balanced and true.  We now live in a world in which companies are too big to fail and small businesses who follow the laws and invest in their communities fail and are eaten up by big corporate machines that chew them up.

It is strange to me that those that adhere to the law have the weakest voice and the least amount of power while those who obviously tread the line are viewed as successes and those that should be revered even when they are outed.

So in essence we have developed into a society in which we are unwilling to listen to the prophets or visionaries like Simon, Jesus and Buddha  not are we willing to listen the Jefffersonian, Sacratean, Kennedian logic of Ralph or the scientific voice of Aristotelian reason of Piggy. Instead we favor the loud banter of the rioters and angry looters whose only ambition is to help him or herself.  

William Golding, your book is rubbish.  It does not teach the world for what it is, only what it should be.  It puts at a disadvantage those who look out for others and think of the world, small or big, as a community.  Adults are nothing more than frauds looking to justify their antiquated existence by implementing laws that control those who are better.  From now on, I will resist. 2020 is the year of back to the animal. The only truth is that the world is dog eat dog and the survival of the fittest by whatever means possible.


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