Slow Suicide

Sometimes there are moments at which it becomes clear that capitalism, religion and government are in cahoots.  Tobacco is one of those intersections. Now, I understand smoking. I was a smoker. I loved the process of buying the pack.  Packing them. Pulling one out. Letting it dryly linger on my lips before lighting it and enjoying the first inhale. Now, I am not a smoker and have no compassion or understanding for those who continue to. 

I am a 73 baby which means I was one of the last groups born to think that tobacco may cause harm.  Today, it is clearly written on the box that it does cause harm to the user, those around the user and those in the user.  Simply, there is no good that comes from it. Answer, don’t smoke.

My biggest problem is how we have been defrauded by our leaders to believe it is a choice.  Most people believe in god and country in that order. If you are a smoker, you do not. You believe in capitalism and self.  The reason being, is today, we know smoking kills you and others.

Imagine someone is locked in a basement with only enough food to survive a month.  If that person dies, it is still murder. Same as if someone locks themselves in their basement with only enoguh food for a month and die, it is still suicide.

Smoking is just that.  It is the slow murder of others and the slow suicide of the self.  All Abrahamic religions are pretty clear on this point so it is a surprise that many who claim faith, smoke.  It is clearly a slow suicide.


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