Bailing out the Ship

Scientists don’t disagree about global warming like an atheist and a christian disagree about god.  It’s similar to the differences between Judaism and Christianity. Both believe in the same foundation and both believe that Jesus was a man. It’s at that point that the divergence takes place.

On to Global Warming; it is happening.  Scientists are not in disagreement about that. That’s not the problem even though that what the media and the corporations get us thinking and arguing about.  The argument is whether or not man – the human animal – is speeding up the process.

Think about it like this, the ship is sinking.  There is no doubt about that. The bilge pump is turned on but cannot manage the amount of water leaking in.  In the mess hall there are pots. Enough for a third of the people on board.  

The Captain says, “I need your help.  We are sinking. The bilge pumps are working over time but we still need more water removed.  I need half of you, in rotation, to take a pot, fill it with water, and throw it overboard. We may survive if we all do a third of the work.  You can still sleep for 8 hours and spend time with your loved ones and doing the things that make you happy; you just need to man a bucket for 8 hours a day.”

The question then, if we know we are headed for death, which we are, what would you do to stave it off?  Would you do some work and make some changes to have more time or would you just let the ship sink?

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