A Lobster’s Death

How does a lobster die?   If it is put into water that it is too warm, it will thrash around violently to struggle for its survival.  However, if the same lobster is put into tepid water and the water is slowly brought to a boil, it accepts its fate without care.   I imagine that at a cellular level it believes it to be mother nature just doing her thing. Death is not be feared if it’s the natural course of things.  Only when it is not.

Which brings me to the human question.   Are we lobsters? And is it just a few select people, who are maybe a bit more temperature sensitive, that can feel the water slowly coming to a boil and a violent and unnatural end is in the forecast.  I don’t know. 

Take Greta for example.  She is screaming at the top of her lungs that we need to turn off the heat or we will die.  This goes for most scientists and keen observers of the planet. The truth is we are doing damage. There is no argument.  Any 35+ who has been to the ocean or into nature can tell you this. It is evident. There is more garbage and filth in the sea and oceans and more man made debris in the forest and on the mountains.  That is evident. 

So the naysayers are maybe just those lobsters that are not as evolved and therefore not as sensitive to the temperature changes.  They think the heat is coming from the volcano that is erupting and heating the water and not the direct impact of humanity on the Earth.  

I am not a scientist yet I do cohabitate with one.  I am a surfer, trail runner and outdoorsman who has seen the change.  Surfing pristine waters alone to sharing the same line-up with Big Mac containers and plastic bags.   I care and it seems like doing your part is the right thing to do like helping a neighbor with groceries or saying hi and hello to those that cross your path.  Somewhere in between the black and white in the grey there is a clear divider of what is deemed right and what is deemed wrong. Just something to think about.


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