All in the Balance

Those who make money have the ability to predict the future.  Those who are rigid in their thinking cannot. Money is not the most important thing though.  The predictor knows this and can see and figure out solutions to problems and/or clearly see what the solution to a problem will be in the future.  I figured one out yesterday.  

Let me begin by stating the problem.   I think medical care, including mental and dental, should be provided by the federal and state governments in exchange for the taxes we pay as the citizens that pay for government to exist.  I believe it is part of the social contract.  

Money though is a big detractor for not making it law and putting it into action.  What if I told you that our biggest expense could and WILL be halved in the near future.  That expense is the military. Don’t stop reading quite yet. Let me explain, and I do believe that the strongest military in the world is what is needed to keep a semblance of peace in our borders and to deter those who wish to do us harm.

Solution:  Hardware. More specifically planes.  Planes cost over $10 million a piece.  And that’s just the unit cost. The labor, parts and maintenance are also high.

Why fly man powered planes when we can fly and produce drones with similar capabilities that launch quickly and are expendable?

Can you see it?  I can. The navy and air force could suddenly be more mobile, faster to move and therefore, more effective.  The good news, the cost would be lower. We would no longer need aircraft carriers. Instead, we would need fast moving ships that may or may not need to house the operator that can send a drone, or more likely, multiple drones at a time up against any plane or missile.  Drones are more nimble, easier to launch and expendable. So what if it takes 10 drones to down an enemy plane. There would be no loss of life, just a dead machine.

So healthcare may cost a lot.  But since warfare in the future will cost less, let’s pay for healthcare using the positive balance from one to the other.


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