Circles of Opinion

Yin and Yang

Most western people look through the lens of right and wrong.  I was certainly one of the people for many years. In my adolescence I would argue my opinion as though my life depended on its correctness.  When I look back at that time, I can see just how wrong I was and how much time I wasted fighting instead of learning.

Recently I joined Twitter and have found that the voices on it mirror mine during my disillusioned youth and it is repeated over and over throughout the media.   It makes me wonder just how boring I was to those who listened and still loved me as I fought tooth and nail to be heard and to be correct.  

It’s sad to me that so many people define their right by other people’s wrongs.  The eastern world is probably laughing at us as a nation and quietly stating the obvious, that we are a young nation going through growing pains.  Whether or not we mature into a well developed adult is still to be seen.

Western thought is linear.  I am right and therefore you are wrong.  I don’t eat meat, therefore those who do are wrong.  I drink beer so therefore those who don’t are wrong not to.  I am straight therefore those who are gay are wrong. Thinking like this gets us nowhere and fast. 

If we delve deep enough into any subject, there are two sides to it.  They may not be equal but there always exists a possibility. For example, flatlanders.  I can imagine that our whole reality is only a construct based on how we have developed as a species and it’s within the realm of possibility that this construct only works based on a round world. 

Spectrums are different.  They are balanced. There is weight on both sides and both sides need to exist for an opinion to be valid.  This is easily seen in the yin and yang simple above. In the dark there is light and in light there is dark.  I think it would behoove us to remember this.


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