Dear Bean Counters

Dear Bean Counters,

I hope you continue to do your job well.  Whoever you are, you are the masters of apathy.  Well done. You give people just enough hope that social mobility is achievable and within reach.

Just look at airports for example.  First and business class are luxuries that most of us will never experience.  INstead we accept nutrient dead food at high costs, uncomfortable accomodations at airports where sometimes we are forced to spend the night, and sensory overload.  And we accept this as the norm. This is how it is. And everytime we cross the line of apathy and try to fight back, we are met will well written scripts that leave us wishing we were Lucky from Waiting for Godot.

The irony is this.  During my upbringing I was taught the difference between right and wrong through the lens of a judeo/christiian society, the golden rule and the moral imperative.  I was taught to give back to the community and that greed for the sake of want was a bad thing. It’s the same upbringing as the ‘get mine generation’ that I seem to be part of.  As a hyper literal person I have a hard time understanding the facade that changes between childhood and adulthood.  

When did you figure out how to stop us from caring about others and only finding connections with like-minders?  It’s awesome that you have so much control. The Broncos fans hate the Giants fans and don’t see that they both love the same sport.  Android vs IOS. Ford vs Chevy. Burger King vs McDonalds. Who gives a shit? Most people and it is nuts. Crazy Joker meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest nuts.

It’s mind boggling how we have the resources, the ability and the time to build a future that is barely imaginable. Instead, we are opting for a return to a feudalistic kingdomship where the rich own everything and the poor fight for the scraps.  Watch Blade Runner and The Island  to see where we are headed.

But that is your job, keeping us confused enough that we accept whatever dismal path in life you want us to.  Fuck YOU and your salesmanship. You are brilliant doers of either Evil and those who can’t see your strings, allow it.  

I was taught to give credit when credit is due and my hat goes off to you.  Whoever you are; wherever you may be.




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