The Adults in the Room

Is it me or have the adults left the room.  I read a Twitter post recently in which the writer asked if the political system had always been this crazy or are we at a different place.  My thought, a different place.

Wherever I look, I see entitled whiny wimpy scared uncertain angry people who are middle aged and older and act like they got stuck in the terrible twos.  Now, granted, Trump is among them. But he is not an isolated example. He may be the pinnacle but to look through the lens and think that he is the only crying baby in the crib is silly.  He is not.  

From rich to poor, fit to fat, smart to dumb, short to tall, gay to straight, all the babies sound the same.  They were all enchanted by Peter Pan and forgot to grow up. Growing up does not mean a house, a mortgage, a car and a baby.  It means figuring out how to problem solve and learn on your own. But maybe somehow we just forgot how to learn like Peter Pan forgot how to fly.  

The vomit that is spewed nationally, I won’t touch globally, is smelly and gross.  From flatlanders to supporters of hunting with an AK-47 to global warming critics to anti-vaxxers to democrats to republicans to Christians and Jews, your global voice is a cacophony of crying babies stuck on repeat or the record keeps skipping.  Either way, you spew vomit along with your syllabic songs. Silence would be better.

Maybe you don’t care about others and you are all just selfish jerks.  That could be the case. Then why complain about other selfish jerks spewing their own garbage.  You be and let them be.  

Reason, however, sees a different outcome and so would an education based in the actual history of civilization.  The ability to infer, predict or hypothesis is what makes us different from the monkey and the wildebeest and the baby who is still trying to figure out which way the food is supposed to go.  In the mouth and out the ass.

Education is and always will be about the dialogue.  Ask any master teacher and they will agree. Without the dialogue, education is just indoctrination into a cult following in which all members are the same like church.  A member of a church is supposed to follow the leader blindly. It’s why there have been mass suicides. Once we buy in, there is no turning back.

A nation is not a church. Our forefathers gave us the second amendment to protect us from a nation becoming a church.  God and Politics do not mix otherwise we would not be able to protect ourselves or build a successful economy. We need them separated and those at the helm of both ships need to communicate, listen, and trim the sails to match the weather of the time.  

Today, we seem to have forgotten to trim the sails of both ships and they are being throttled by the storm and routed towards each other.  

The followers are all waiting for the captain’s command while the educated are yelling at the followers for not acting.  Doesn’t change the fact that the ships are on a collision course in which only a few will survive. So I implore you, stop the arguments and the blinded following and figure out how to meet in the middle or a crash is imminent.
Because right now it looks more like Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm than a nation built on the principles of the Bible and unity.  Kids, it’s time to eat your broccoli, put away the Legos, and fix the foundation of OUR nation.


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