Zombie Apocalypse

Let’s assume that I am right and the Zombie Apocalypse is a real threat.  It is just coming in a different form than we have been taught to imagine.

Today, we are infighting.  We are players on the same team playing the same sport not willing to come together or listen to either the offensive or defensive coach.  If we continue down this path, we will lose. The film Remember the Titans illustrates the same issue.  

So hear me out, and this is more directed to you fans of the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms.  In a Zombie apocalypse it doesn’t matter how many guns you have because you cant load the ammunition quick enough to fend off the zombies.  You eventually succumb and become one or die in the process. In the future, though, the zombies will take different forms. There will be two.  One will be numbers. Any war historian will tell you, leaders only stay leaders if they can control their followers. This is because when the followers rise up, by sheer number they win. So if you think you can hold out in your house with 7,000,000,000 enemies, you are wrong. You will be overtaken and die a horrible death.  The second form of zombies with drones. If you are flesh and blood up against a machine, you lose every time.  

Throughout history governments, politics and religions have evolved. It is only when they stop evolving or changing and adapting to modern times that they fail.  We are on the cusp. If we do not find the common ground, we will be left fighting the fight. It will be a quick one that we are sure to lose.

The US government, which I would call a Corporate Oligarchy, has done a perfect job at keeping the citizens of the USA at bay.  We are playcated children sucking on our thumbs and screaming at our siblings. Man, the bean counters are good. They have set up a system in which they don’t have to change even though they are preparing for it.  They are the parents that are about to abandon their kids. Look at the facts. The rich live on compounds surrounded by security at all times. They have their own resorts, airplanes to get there, and I am sure are in control of food and water sources so that they will always be tended to.  As more and more things become automated, the use of an everyday citizen goes down exponentially. Look no further than Detroit for a working example.

We, on the other hand, while this is happening under our noses, are fighting over gun control, womens’ bodily functions, marriage,healthcare and which politician is honester.  (I know it’s not a word. That’s my point. Any person who wants to manage over 50 people who can’t agree on anything is nuts let alone someone who wants to manage 500,000,000 of us)  

This is how I see the game unfolding:

  • The federal government will weaken because it will no longer be allowed to function because of the screaming kids.
  • The adults will continue their abandonment preparations 
  • Impeachment will be the new norm and will stop any qualified candidate from running
  • It will also stop the wheels of the federal government from rolling
  • Celebrity will rise and then crash like we have never seen before
  • The internet and media will be censored based on ownership
  • The rich will combine their resources and begin to recuse  themselves from the rest of society
  • Social welfare programs for the poor and needy will stop
  • Drones and gaming military will become the norm
  • The middle class will be squeezed into the jar along with the poor
  • The devolution will continue briefly and become a revolution
  • The rich will already be protected and prepared
  • We will continue to fight amongst ourselves but this time instead of it being tastes great vs less filling, we will literally be fighting for our lives and the limited resources that have not been gobbled up by the fat turkeys.
  • Western civilization become a dystopian nightmare

So yes, there are some fundamental differences between the left and the right but we should be viewing ourselves as members of the same team instead of rivals.  

I am not a party affiliate and both sides look like chickens with their heads cut off tripping into people who have their pants pulled down.   And yes, we may indeed have the emperor wearing his new clothes but we the dressers are also allowing him to go out in public naked and playing the fool.  He may not be your choice but get over it. Life is not fair. You don’t always get your way.  

We are in a time where we need to find the connections instead of focusing on the mundane and boring.  It’s like society is an old skipping record and god has forgotten to move the arm over the scratch.

Patriotism and nationalism are important for all.  Both sides. If we don’t have both, we don’t have a nation.  If we don’t have a nation, we will become runaway children in the big bad world where there are people looking to do us harm.  

Evolution is revolution without the violence.  If it is violence you seek, get help. Now let’s come together to ward off the Zombie Apocalypse and start having some fun.


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