Quick Quips

  1. Churches: The setting of Star Wars when we meet Obi One Kinobi for the first time is 100 meters away from a 2000 year old cathedral built into the rock. Obi One is a more realistic embodiment of the church than any of its learjet flying, Vatican living, mega church versions that we have today.  Might be time to return back to the real thing. 
  1. Started by:  It’s possible that the feminist and gay rights movements were started by their opponents so that the argument becomes a semantic one instead of a human one tying us together.
  1. Change:  Does is confuse anyone else that in 50 years we have gone from computers the size of houses that last a long time but the automobile is really just a fancier faster looking version of its origin?
  1. Cigarettes:  People still smoke and think that they can still be viewed as smart.  Nope. You are killing yourself, me and your family and their future.
  1. Teachers:  More teachers left the profession this year than any other.  Probably not the fault of Trump.  
  1. Humor:  If you watch Happy Gilmore and imagine the Democrats are Shooter McGavin and Trump is Happy, reading about politics is so much fun.  
  1. Marijuana:  Dr Dre has a professional blunt roller. I am sure there are a lot more unhappy teachers now. 
  1. Glass Ceiling:  The Presidency is not a glass ceiling job.  Secretary of State and Senator sure. The presidency should be about the best candidate, period!
  1. Birthright: Why do people have children and not rear them?  If you have kids, teach them. Make sure they know how to tie their shoes and know the difference between a noun and a verb. If not, they will be stupid adults.
  1. SEX:  7,500,000,000 and counting and talking about sex is taboo. WTF? 



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