From Left Field

Remember May 2016 when Donald Trump won the nomination for the GOP.  It was a surprise to all both Left and Right. I will not be surprised if it happens again.  A media fiasco that leaves the Left reeling and the GOP in power. 

Fast forward to May 2020.

As an observer with zero affiliation to a political party you may want to heed my warning.  Today, November 2019 there seems to be a shift away from bipartisan politics to a three party system.   

In effect this change should be great news.  Three strong choices make it easier for those who want to choose what or who it best unless it’s a scam and I think that is what we are in for.

Republicans vs Democrats vs Anti-Trumpers.  

The Republicans are easy.  Follow the Constitution as best they can with a strong conservative lens that veers away from change and self reflection.  Make limited changes towards climate change, gun control, womens’ equality and anything pertaining to LGBT rights.

Democrats are easy too.  Pass legislation to give more to those who are in need, which includes citizens and aliens.  Move towards viewing more people as equals and provide medical and education to the people free of charge.

The Anti-Trumpers are more complicated. They obviously hate Trump with conviction and passion but that is where their loyalties may end.  They want him out but may not view Trump as a true party man pinning the blame only on him.

Here are some ascertained truths about Donald Trump:

  • Ran to increase revenue and brand recognition of Trump
  • Was surprised he won
  • Likes the limelight. Doesn’t like diplomacy and political work.
  • Doesn’t want to go to jail
  • Wants to go back to being liked by his fans and forgotten by his enemies

My prediction is this.  Sometime between now and October Trump will either be impeached, resign with clemency and pull a tricky dick or decide not to continue his run in 2020 swaying all of his supporters to vote Republican.  If this prediction comes true, a conservative Republican will take over the White House. We have seen more of Mike Pence in the last two months than we have in three years. Change is good but when it happens, I usually ask why? 

The Left and the Democrats seem to be so focused on their disdain towards the other side that they are not watching for the blitz.  I think this is a mistake because I imagine that a lot of the anti-Trumpers are On the Fence voters who will then be swayed to the right because of conservative values and viewing the Democrats as a disorganized disenfranchised group that is fractured with no clear message.  Bernie and Warren both have a clear message but theirs are different from the other institutional voices in the party like Biden, Hillary and Pelosi. 

It’s a leap but inferred out of logic and what is being portrayed in the media.  Sometimes we need to step back a little further to see the whole picture and then it becomes clear.  


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