On the Fence Party

In 2024 I am running for president of the USA. I am running as a third party. Currently, my party has one member. Me.

We, if you choose to join, are called the On the Fence party. Why? Because that’s how I would best categorize my constituent base. A fence voter, someone with no binary political affiliation and a devout follower of logic.
Below is my platform on hot topic issues that will weigh down my competition in semantic debate:

  • Military: The military is a needed organization to protect the citizens and the welfare of any nation. The USA is a superpower and to continue as one, we need to prepare as one.
    • George Orwell – People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
    • Sun Tzu – The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
  • Healthcare: No nation of the people will succeed and last if the citizens are not healthy. All citizens therefore need to be provided healthcare, which includes vision, hearing, mental and dental, so that the citizen can best give back to the nation as a law abiding, tax paying, employed voter.
  • Taxes: Taxes are the collective contributions of people in order to maintain a strong nation.
    • CEOs making more than 50x the amount of their lowest paid employee will be taxed the difference
    • The wealth of the rich, 100 million or more, will be taxed 20% of their wealth above 100 million.
    • The taxes on luxury items that have a negative effect on society will be increased like tobacco, alcohol, technology, fast food, sugary foods and drinks.
  • Human Rights: All citizens will be provided basic needed rights like healthcare, retirement and edcuation. The federal goverenmt will no longer recognize any special interest group related to sex, gender, race or religion. We are all in this together. If you want to be recognized as dffereint but the same you are doing more harm than good to the United part of our nation.
  • LGBT: the government will exchange the use of the word marriage for civil unions for any two consenting adults.
  • Adoption: If you are an adult citizen of the USA and can prove that you can rear and provide a nurturing home for a child in need, you may do so regardless of sex, gender, religion or race.
  • Immigration: If you are coming to the USA legally, you must show proof of medical insurance. For those who are here illegally, you have until 2025 to apply for your green card and start the process of naturalization. For those who would like to immigrate, visit your local consulate to start the process. Those who are found to be in the USA after 2025 and who have not started the process of naturalization will be deported. First and foremost, the USA is responsible for its citizens and the health and well-being of its citizens.
  • Guns: Gun violence is a problem. To curb gun violence, three steps will be employed:
    • Gun Tax: a tax on the purchase of guns to be used in reparation to the families affected by gun violence
    • 2025 Returns: any gun obtained illegally may be turned in to your local police or fire department with no questions asked
    • Post 2025: Any person found to be in possession of an illegal firearm will be arrested and charged with attempted murder
  • Climate Change: Climate change is an issue of consumption or use. To combat CC this administration will provide tax breaks and subsidiary income for those who contribute the least and are willing and interested in sharing their data and participation:
    • Airline tax: any citizen who does not fly over the course of a year will receive a $1000 tax credit.
    • Automobile tax: any citizen who does not fly over the course of a year will receive a $1000 tax credit.
    • Human power credit: anyone who uses human power, not electric, to get to and from work will receive a $1000 credit.
    • Proximity credit: Those who live within a half mile of work will receive a $1000 credit.
    • Sustainability credit: those who have home vegetable gardens will receive a $1000 credit
    • Choice credit: those who choose to adopt or not have a child will receive a credit
    • Technology: those who limit their usage to less than an hour a day M-F and 3 hours a day Sat-Sun will receive a tax credit
  • Education: First and foremost, education is a right and a privilege.
    • Minors will be provided an education and the student will be tracked based on their skills and gifts.
    • Those who cannot meet basic benchmarks in learning, will be tracked to a skillset job so that they may become productive citizens.
    • Higher Education in public institutions will be free for those who meet the criteria for entry. Higher Education for an adult is a privilege not a right.
    • Public funding of education will only provide the needed funding for these positions:
      • Classroom teacher
      • Special Education Teacher
      • Principal
      • Vice Principal
      • Phycologist
      • Nurse
  • Abortion: A referendum in each state will be put on the ballot at mid-term elections to decide between pro-life and pro-choice. Voting will be limited to those persons who check the box Female.
  • Voting rights: Voting is a privilege and not a right. Voting will be limited to those who are law abiding, in school or high school graduates, land owners, business owners, those who have worked for at least 4 consecutive years for the same companies and retirees.
  • Marijuana: Legalize it. Tax it.

In 1776 a group of people got together and decided that they were fed up with feeling like second class citizens under their King. These people in turn wrote the Declaration of Independence. This document, and in turn, the birth of our nation was a response to an unfair dictatorship. When the union was created, the ledgers went to Zero.

We no longer live under the umbrella of a dictatorship but we, the citizens of our nation, are not being provided the needed tools and rewards for our contributions. This needs to change. It is why the American Revolution was fought and why change is needed now. WE, the people, are not having our needs met, and in any relationship, that would lead to either change and resolution or a termination and divorce of the relationship.

I am a believer in the first option. I thnk We can fix the problems that we have if our leaders can lead us with our needs being their first priority and not those of special interest groups whether large or small. In other words unite the people of the United States.

WE means all. So we need to come together as an all and not just look at what is in the best interest of me and my agenda. Too many times this pattern has led to change that benefits only a select few or group.

So again, in 2024 I am running for President. Just kidding. Too much stress, work and responsibility but here are my thoughts that may appease more of the people and get them converging as opposed to diverging. I am sure that not all of this will resonate with all who read it. There is no easy answer but I believe the answers should be simple.


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